Hey You, Use Your Tools!

The following was contributed by guest blogger Kendra Ketter Chavis, a speaker and Christian Lifestyle blogger (GoodGirlsHaveMoreFun.com & HowToWearAnything.com). Don’t miss her Adventures with Sally’s where she shows how to find, mix and match stylish pieces from Salvation Army Family Stores!

Do you believe you are here for something more, something great?

Yet, the question you always ask yourself is how you are supposed to get “there.” Answer: start here…right here, where you are.

William Booth began in 1852 with work that would lead to The Salvation Army, simply with the intent of spreading the Gospel and serving others. He had no way of knowing The Salvation Army would become the worldwide symbol for love and service that it has become, but something in him knew it could be. Though he didn’t experience all that we see today, he was blessed to see glimpses of it. He did it by starting where he was, walking the streets preaching to the poor and homeless; he used willing hands around him and worked wherever he was needed.

Now what about you? You will believe you can’t, but you have to keep in mind that you are already equipped to do all things in your path. It’s not magic, it’s Him. Unseen ways are being made for you with open doors and new chances. Even if sometimes doors are only cracked open, walk in and achieve the great things designed just for you. You can. God’s love is specific, individual. One and universal, all at once.

He’s that big! Trust Him this time. Simply begin by using the tools in front of you. I have an inspirational message that goes out daily and one recently said,

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“God told Moses to use what he already had in his hand: a stick. What do you already have in your hand that you refuse to use because you’re busy asking for more?”

And that is my question for us all today. What tool has God given you, what person, what idea, what gift? When will you use it?

My mother says God is a gentleman. He is never going to strong arm you into greatness, but He has designed you for it. He never leaves us empty handed when it’s time to get to work. Don’t wait another year! Use your hands. I encourage you to move forward in those things your heart tells you daily. We’re not all here to be famous, but you can be a rockstar in your own life, in your God-designed destiny, starting right where you are. No pressure to be General William Booth, but do the most good being Amazing Able You.

– Kendra Ketter Chavis

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