Breaking the Poverty Cycle Through The Pathway of Hope

Imagine this:

Growing up, your mom struggled to pay the bills every month. While your dad continued an endless search for a decent paying job, she was constantly on the phone with angry collection agencies demanding a minimum payment that neither parent could make. Dinner on the table was never a guarantee and you felt constantly inadequate at school because of your circumstances; school supplies and clothes were never bought off the shelf. And since basic needs were hardly met at home, mental, emotional and spiritual development suffered as a result.

Later in life, the roles are switched. You are the stressed parent, incapable of breaking free from the poverty cycle and helpless in shaping a better future for your own children.

One day, a social worker from The Salvation Army calls you to tell you about the Pathway of Hope program. They know your family intimately since you’ve visited the food bank and called for assistance on a pretty regular basis.

You learn that you are eligible for one-on-one counseling, life skills training and resources specifically designed for your family’s unique situation that will help move you beyond survival to increased stability and self-sufficiency. Your family’s future has never looked brighter.

The new long-term case management program is actually a reality. Implemented by The Salvation Army in Kansas City and partially funded by a $3 million grant from the Hall Family Foundation, the program will target families with children who are repeat emergency assistance applicants and provide them with long-term care in an effort to move them to a point of financial stability.

A coach, a cheerleader, a guidance counselor – whatever you want to call it – the case workers at Pathway of Hope will seek out deep connections with program beneficiaries in order to pinpoint the root causes of poverty within the home and “build hope at each step” of the process towards independence.

If successful, the goal is to initiate the Pathway of Hope in 30 additional Corps throughout the coming year. For more information on this new program, please click here.

  • Click here to visit The Salvation Army Kansas and Western Missouri Division’s Website.