SA Reinforcements Called to Serve CO Wildfire Survivors

The Salvation Army is serving on various sites near the Waldo Canyon wildfire.

Since the start of the Waldo Canyon wildfire in Colorado Springs, CO, The Salvation Army has been striving to meet the needs of survivors, emergency response personnel and volunteers alike through food and beverage service and emotional and pastoral care.

The Salvation Army's Territorial Commander for the Western United States, Commissioner James Knaggs (third from left, back row), made a special visit to Colorado Springs to survey relief operations and areas devastated by the wildfires. Here, Commissioner Knaggs offers a prayer of support to those who will continue to offer relief and aid to the many families displaced by this fire. (courtesy of

Just yesterday, The Salvation Army Intermountain Division brought in reinforcements from the San Francisco area to offer relief to those already serving. Among the additional support volunteers were Laine Hendricks, Public Relations Director for the Golden State Division, and Claire Dunmore, Director of Family Services. The two who arrived on the scene yesterday to assist as needed. KTVU News featured Laine and Claire on a video yesterday: click here to watch.

Meal service is being offered from shelter sites, mobile kitchens, on the fire lines, at the Emergency Operations Center and in neighborhoods where families are being allowed to return. For a list of specific locations, please click here.

Additionally, The Salvation Army provides materials such as toiletries, clothing and other items to survivors who have lost their home and possessions.

And since we strive to meet the specific needs of survivors, your monetary donations are the most efficient and effective way of ensuring individuals and families receive the items they need. If you would like to make a financial contribution to help us assist these wildfire survivors, please visit

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