Salvation Army Stories: Part 1

Expect Change, The Salvation Army Western Territory’s blog has been featuring a great video series called Salvation Army Stories, video testimonials from individuals who have been spiritually transformed by God’s work and grace in their lives.

Part 1 of the series features David McDaniel, a current Administrator at The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Anchorage, AK – a role well-suited for him considering his past.

David knows personally just how difficult, long and tenuous the path can be to overcoming a life of alcohol and substance abuse. And since he works with ARC residents undergoing the same afflictions each day, who better to empathize and lead others to a life of stabilization?

Not only did he find his faith, but he’s living it in thankfulness through his amazing service to others in need.

Here he tells us about his “A-ha!” moment:

William Booth once said, “Nobody gets a blessing if they have cold feet and nobody ever got saved while they had toothache!”

How can one be receptive to the good words and work of Christ when sickness plagues them? When it comes to effective inward healing, we at The Salvation Army see alcohol and substance dependency no different than any other physical malady that hinders one from true happiness. And each day, our Adult Rehabilitation Centers meet the physical needs of our beneficiaries first and foremost so they are freed to experience transformation of the heart, mind and soul.

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