This Part Isn’t a Game: Donate $1 At No Cost!

American Bible Challenge, The Salvation Army, Jeff Foxworthy, Game Show Network, GSN

Click on the image to download the free GSN app and donate $1 to The Salvation Army!

It’s reported that 84% of Americans own a Bible, but do they really know what’s between the pages? The Game Show Network’s (GSN) latest show, “The American Bible Challenge” will soon find out!

Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, the show features competing teams testing their Bible trivia knowledge in efforts to win prize money for their charity of choice.

Here’s our favorite part: From tonight’s premier until the end of the year, The Salvation Army will receive a $1 donation from GSN for every download of the show’s (FREE!) iPhone or iPad app, a mini-version of the show complete with Jeff Foxworthy’s voice.

Ready to test your knowledge? Download the app by clicking here!

We are so thankful for GSN’s generous support!