“Band Aid” Mike Repairs Donations, Salvation Army Repairs Lives

Photo Credit: John Docter, The Salvation Army Western Territory

On any given day of the week, employees working in the back of a Salvation Army Family Store will sort through hundreds of donated items. And occasionally, items need to be scrubbed, repaired or lifted in some way in order to be resold at the front of the store.

At the Orange County, California Salvation Army Family Store, this is where “Band Aid” Mike comes in. His job is to supervise the department that gives donated items a boost through “a little scrub, a bit of sanding, or a coat of polish” before being offered for sale.

Photo Credit: John Docter, The Salvation Army Western Territory

Mike puts a lot of care into donated items, since every store sale helps fund the local Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), where thousands of men and women receive life-changing drug and alcohol treatment. In a similar sense to Mike’s daily work, Salvation Army ARC counselors are in the business of repairing and restoring individuals – all through your donations!

“Band Aid” Mike will tell you all about his work in this cool slide show created by John Docter of The Salvation Army Western Territory. Click here to view!

We first heard about this story on the Western Territory blog, Expect Change. Make sure to visit them at: www.salvationarmyexpectchange.org. If you would like to learn more about The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers, please visit www.SATruck.org.