World Food Day: 3 Simple Ways To Take Action

Today is World Food Day 2012, a global movement to end hunger. It is reported that one in eight people goes to sleep hungry, or 870 million people worldwide. Feeding America reports that one in six Americans suffer with hunger.

The demand for food is on the rise, according to The Salvation Army’s Feeding the Need Report released in 2011, which revealed 94% of Salvation Army food service programs reported an increase in requests for food assistance in 2010.

The theme for this year is “Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world,” an effort to highlight the role of cooperatives in improving food security and eradicating hunger. But what can you do on World Food Day to help those who suffer with hunger?

Here are a few simple ways that you can take action in your own community:

  • Donate to your local Salvation Army’s food bank. Add some fun: host a party and ask your friends to bring food donations instead of dessert!
  • Spread the word. Want to know the power of sharing? Last week, The Salvation Army of Griffin, GA reported the shelves of their food bank were completely bare. Within 48 hours of getting the word out, $50,000 worth of food donations were delivered! Help us get the word out by sharing this post on Twitter with the hashtag #WFD2012, or sharing on Facebook.
  • Donate a few dollars to a food-oriented charity such as The Salvation Army, World Food Programme, Save the Children, Church World Service or Catholic Relief Services.
  • Click here for other ways to take action from

We hope you will take action in your own community and join us in being a part of the solution to end hunger. For more information on The Salvation Army’s feeding programs, please visit

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