Temporary Shelter, Lasting Impact!

The Salvation Army strives to create lasting change in the lives of those who are served. For Salvation Army founder William Booth, providing struggling individuals with the basic needs such as food and shelter was an opportunity for creating real spiritual impact, and a means for combating the root causes of cyclical poverty and desperation. In fact, The Salvation Army was among the first charities in England to provide work programs and vocational training in addition to food and housing. Because lasting change cannot begin until basic needs are met!

To this day, The Salvation Army provides social services with the end goal of helping individuals once again gain self-sufficiency, independence, and dignity.

CBS News in Milwaukee recently featured a video of the Words family, recent beneficiaries of The Salvation Army’s social services. Never having requested help from The Salvation Army before, Quiana, Christopher and their three children found themselves needing a place to stay once Quiana lost her job in 2011. Living temporarily at The Salvation Army’s shelter allowed the family to be able to save some money and find a new home.

“It gave us a sense of hope,” said Christopher. “It gave us a sense of accomplishment that we could save our money over a couple months and then venture back on our own.”

So when American Signature Inc.’s Million Dollar Furniture campaign began over the summer, The Salvation Army in Milwaukee chose the Words family to be one of the blessed beneficiaries of the company’s wonderful generosity. The family picked out a TV stand, a bean bag chair, an ottoman, and a kitchen table for the family to enjoy.

Now the family is bouncing back financially, and finally enjoying meals together. (Click here to read the article from CBS News.)

The Salvation Army is so thankful for American Signature Inc.’s (ASI) fantastic partnership this summer. If you would like to donate to The Salvation Army to help out families such as this, please visit: www.SalvationArmyUSA.org.

13 Comments on “Temporary Shelter, Lasting Impact!

  1. Im homeless and need a place to stay living on the streets

  2. Hi, Clement – what is your zip code? I can send you contact information for a Salvation Army emergency shelter near you.

  3. My daughter has been told she will be evicted if she doesn’t pay her landlord by Friday, 10-26-2012. I do not know how to help her or what she is going to do. 65042…..Please help!

  4. Hi! I need some assistance in finding me a place to live
    right now i am living with my mother I have a part time employment and I have
    a pending employment that will start any day now is there an organization that will
    asstist me paying either my security desp. or my first month rent I need some and i need some help

    Thank you Tracey Thomas

  5. Hello there
    I looking for a shelther for one of the the families the I working with, Can you please send me the information?

  6. how exactly do i find information on getting into the shelter

  7. My son is being kicked out by his father and has no place else to go, he will be homeless if he cant find a place to stay till he can get on his feet. Zip 85210.

  8. Hi, Lisa- I’m very sorry to hear about your son. It looks like there are a few Salvation Army locations near you. Have you tried contacting The Salvation Army directly with this request for emergency assistance? Reaching out to your local unit is the fastest way to request help. Please see the following list and let me know if you have trouble reaching someone locally: http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/ndos/app/zipcode.jsf?zip=85210

    Many thanks.

  9. Hi, Natasha- the best way to request help such as this is to reach out to your local Salvation Army directly. You can find a list of locations near you by searching by your zip code on our national website (upper right corner): http://www.SalvationArmyUSA.org. Please let me know if you have trouble reaching someone and I’ll forward your request on. Thank you.

  10. Hi, Tricia- Please reach out to The Salvation Army in your area, as utility and rent assistance are often offered to individuals in need. You can find your local Salvation Army’s contact information by searching by zip code on our website’s home page: http://www.SalvationArmyUSA.org. If you have trouble reaching someone, please let us know by emailing: MediaRelations@USN.SalvationArmy.org. Thank you. Please see: http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/ndos/app/zipcode.jsf?zip=66502

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