Thank You, Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day this Sunday, November 11, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the men and women who have served and sacrificed for this great nation. We pray that God bestows His blessing upon them for their unselfish struggle to preserve our freedoms, safety, and heritage.

I want to share with you an excerpt from The Salvation Army’s manifesto to “Do the Most Good”:

I serve heroes.

I serve victims.

I serve a sovereign God.

I am an Army.

Drafted by the Creator.

Commissioned by a man who defied death.

My enemies are despair and destruction.

My ammunition is grace and mercy.

My allies are generosity and benevolence.

I am an Army.

Helping others be all they can be.

I am doing the most good.


The Salvation Army serves heroes.

Our Veterans Services program began in the doughnut days of World War I, and have since provided comfort and cheer to service members with unique programs and services from coast to coast. This includes residential facilities, day camps, weekend retreats, food, emotional and spiritual care, drug and alcohol counseling, or simply the gift of a new Bible.

In St. Louis, MO alone, veterans make up 23% of the homeless population on any given night. To better meet their needs, this week The Salvation Army of St. Louis opened a brand new housing facility that will provide aid to service members experiencing difficulties transitioning back to civilian life.

The Salvation Army of St. Louis, MO dedicated a brand new 48-unit Veterans Residence facility on Thursday.

This is the first center of its kind in the state of Missouri to offer housing and supportive services to both male and female veterans. This completion of this facility was an incredible accomplishment of volunteers, community partners, financial supporters, and The Salvation Army. You can read about the building dedication by clicking here.

With honor, respect, pride, and prayers, we thank our veterans today and always. Happy Veterans Day. 

Photos courtesy of The Salvation Army Midland Division Blog: