Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

After watching and reviewing almost 200 submissions of youth football highlights videos for our Boys of Fall contest, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 favorite videos with help from the Dallas Cowboys, but we need your help to determine the best of the best!

Tell us your favorite video submission in the poll below to decide who wins the Grand Prize – a trip for four to Dallas to see the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins, including on-field passes for the halftime show performance and meet-and-greet with Salvation Army Red Kettle Kick-Off performer, Kenny Chesney!

Voting ends this Friday, November 16. Make sure to find us on Facebook (Salvation Army USA) and on Twitter (SalvationArmyUS) for all contest updates!

552 Comments on “Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

  1. Thank you Anonymous for posting a link to the real video…It isnt the whole game as most of the game they were losing and there really were no good plays that our boys were in. You also can see where they got the ball back on an offside kick…and the excitement from the crowd! They won this game in the last 1:46! They had the heart to win that game and I couldnt be any prouder of them!

  2. we are all so proud of you hunter! what a wonderful young man you have grown to be! woww!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love to watch the younger ones. The get extra excited.

  4. Hunter is the best qb in the world GO HUNTER CHAPMAN GO MY BUBBY

  5. Hunter is the best QB in all the world. GO HUNTER CHAPMAN !!!!! GO MY BUDDY!!!!

  6. Way to go Frisco ! Cute little men! Team video 100%! Not about a single play but a group of boys that played with heart !

  7. I sure hope Our team from Banks get the opportunity to
    Win this contest. You truly deserve to win! You are
    a great team! You make us very proud! How exciting!
    My prayers go out to you!

  8. Interesting, these are the SAME EXACT videos that were posted BEFORE the contest ended. I thought they were just submissions so far in the contest. There’s no way these are the 10 best ones. If they watched all of the videos, ours would be on here for sure. What a shame.

  9. Nice Tackle Ty Man!!! & for those who dont know Ty he’s about the size of a peanut m&m ;) but filled w fury & skill on the field, as u can see! Im routing for u & helping anyway i can for you to win this contest! You deserve it so much! You’re a great kid with a huge heart! Love you buddy! Good Luck xoxo….

  10. Ty is a wonderful kid, great values, great role model with awesome parents!!!

  11. Watched the Cheshire Jr Rams Video…know that kid’s family and if he grows into anything like his kin, he’ll be an absolute terror on the field. Great read and great hit for a 10yo.

  12. Can’t believe that they would use Polldaddy for this vote, it is easy to hack and continously vote and it’s obvious by some of the numbers especially when the probably the best one is in dead last…..At least we know they arent cheating in Winter Haven! I hope they look into this and see that it is rigged and give it to The Winter Haven video because it is the best and fits the Boys of Fall meaning perfectly!

  13. They should have done a better job putting these videos out to the public to vote, or even have put them up on the TV @ Dallas Cowboys Stadium during halftime. Either was congrats to the Top 10

  14. After all if you can afford Kenny Chesney let all 10 win!!

  15. Go Buckhorn…Hunter you deserve this for all you sacrifice for others….I am so proud of you!!! You did great putting your video together … I love watching you play football…and watching the way you treat your friends, family,& even people you don’t even know. You are a perfect example for others….I’m blessed to know you… Good Luck buddy…we are supporting you…and you are in our prayers

  16. GO JAX!!!!!!!!!! what an aweome lil 7 yr old, I know the family personally and he comes from a wonderful family and very athletic group! AWESOME ATHLETE JAX. and Happy 8th birthday yesterday

  17. Hunter I am sooooooo Proud of you regardless who wins….you do the most good! Keep it up…..your little brother& sister really admire you!! Mawmaw, nanna, pop, daddy & I love you!!

  18. VOTE FOR CHESHIRE!!! Terrific Kid who deserves to win ~ played his heart out all season!! His mom is the biggest Cowboys fan and he wants to take her to the game! Help him fulfill his dream!!!

  19. how does the voting count? we all vote everyday for the video we like and the count never goes up. then today the count is less than what it was yesterday?? what is up with that? alot of our friends stopped voting because it does not appear to be working. sorry for all the others this is happening to.

  20. You can only vote once! unless you cheat… you need to get as many people to vote as you can!

  21. Go Banks!!!!!!! They deserve to won, great team, great community! Love you guys!

  22. Thanks for admitting you’re cheating. I sure hope this poll is taken down and a winner is awarded based on video not cheating the system!!!!

  23. 8th grader from Oregon is now a Jr in High School. Vote for the 9 year old from CT that made this play during fall ball 2012!

  24. I am laughing at people for thinking you can cheat on the votes. just becsuse you think its the best one doesnt mean it is. dorry its in last place. They are all good.

  25. Whether Ty wins or losses what he & our family will take away from this is how great our community,friends, family, church, schools & complete strangers are! I can’t say enough about how great it is to have you all in our lives to help try & make his dream come true!! Cheshire You are a great place to live!!! Go CJF!! Good luck 5th grade in the playoffs!!

  26. Good afternoon. My name is Landa Vernon and I am the mother of a 4th grade football player, who plays with Ty White in Cheshire, CT. We had our banquet last night and asked for every family to vote from every device they had….ONCE. We have put the word out to our town and our family and friends asking for every vote. And, we have asked that people do not cheat. Ty’s parents are on Facebook telling people NOT to cheat by voting more than once. They want to teach the right thing to their kids and to the rest of his team and community. I’m sitting here watching these numbers climb and it’s obvious as to what is happening. Let me be clear, I’m not saying Ty should win…I hope he does, but I do believe that this contest should be filled with integrity, honesty and honor. Just my two cents and I do hope that you investigate this.

  27. How will the Salvation Army and the Dallas Cowboys feel when, if he indeed wins, a High School-aged player comes out and they play his video from years before?? Come on people, let’s have some integrity here. Whoever wins should truly show the spirit of youth football TODAY, not a few years ago. I do not have a family member in this contest. Let’s be fair and honest and set the proper example for our children (or teenagers, as it were)!!

  28. So sorry that this whole things has turned into a way for some people to cheat. You know who you are and I hope you are disqualified and lose, but I doubt that will happen. Why aren’t some of those videos in the competition from this year? That is not fair play. Again, you know who you are.

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