Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

After watching and reviewing almost 200 submissions of youth football highlights videos for our Boys of Fall contest, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 favorite videos with help from the Dallas Cowboys, but we need your help to determine the best of the best!

Tell us your favorite video submission in the poll below to decide who wins the Grand Prize – a trip for four to Dallas to see the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins, including on-field passes for the halftime show performance and meet-and-greet with Salvation Army Red Kettle Kick-Off performer, Kenny Chesney!

Voting ends this Friday, November 16. Make sure to find us on Facebook (Salvation Army USA) and on Twitter (SalvationArmyUS) for all contest updates!

552 Comments on “Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

  1. Can we tone down the accusations and the nasty posts here?

  2. Anonymous @ 4:01 I agree!! There can only be one winner! Great compatition let’s keep it clean. We are setting good examples for all the kids remember!!!;)

  3. I like that video from Banks! It’s flippin’ sweet! Nice job.

  4. I’m sad that so many are upset with the results. We come from a very small community in Oregon but football is a huge deal here….from 3rd grade up through high school. Yes, our video is a clip taken from Garrett’s 8th grade year and he is a Jr. now. They just played a tough team from Gladstone last Friday to lose in the first round of the state play-offs. We didn’t see anywhere in the rules that the clip had to be from 2012. These boys have played together since 3rd grade and all of them contribute to the team. And yes, we told everyone we could think of to vote. Garrett has over 60 aunts, uncles and cousins and many of them have posted on their facebook pages, asked co-workers and friends of friends to vote. My husband even had a co-worker from India vote. This morning my husband posted on the Oregon Ducks sports forum to vote for the local boy to win A CONTEST. Isn’t that what this is? We all want to win…that’s why we entered in the first place. If we have done anything unfair or cheating then by all means remove us from the contest. Garrett will finish up his Eagle Scout Project on Monday the 19th. He has spent the last two months collecting new Chirstmas toys for the “Lucky to Serve” foundation so that over 200 needy children could have a new toy for Christmas. He’s a great kid in his school, community and church. But if those of you who don’t know him are going to make it seem like there are others in the contest that are more “worthy” to win, then he would rather not win and give it to someone else anyway. It wouldn’t be fun for him. He has had fun trying and has been very grateful for family, friends, and complete strangers who have taken the time to vote for his video so he has a chance to go on a once in a lifetime trip.

  5. Wanted to THANK everyone who voted for Buckhorn New Market AL….we appreciate the opportunity to participate…..We want to thank Dallas Coyboys,Salvation Army, & Kenny Chesney….We Love You Hunter Jay Chapman!

  6. Congratulations to all the boys of fall!
    So happy for all of you especially, Ty White!
    I wish all the boys continued success in your football careers!

  7. Being a CHS grad, I have to vote for: Boys of Fall Video Contest-Cheshire (CT) Jr Football Rams

  8. To Linda,It’s about football not what your son is doing now.I’m happy for your son. I’m sorry the other kids played this year not four years ago.The boy that came in second was from this year.It’s so funny in a hour he got that many votes.I feel bad for the other kids if your son is so great you should of entered one from this year.I hope they check and make sure it was one vote per device.

  9. Congrats to Garrett from Oregon! I was rooting for the Rams (CT) because I know that boy loves the Dallas Cowboys. It sounds like Garrett is a great kid, I’m very happy for him. :) Just hope that he is a die-hard Cowboy (or Redskin) fan. It would make me just sick, knowing someone won this incredible trip and didn’t even like the Cowboys, or Kenny Chesney. But I agree with earlier posts that you shouldn’t complain about who won/who didn’t win. It’s all about having fun and trying your best….like in football! I’m very proud of my son Jacob (video of him with Michael Irvin). We had a family tragedy at our house last month (his Grandma had a massive stroke and almost died in front of him), and entering this contest actually put a smile back on his face. So this was much more than a contest to us. But he was crushed over why he didn’t make the Top 10 (huge Cowboy and Kenny Chesney fan). It breaks my heart to see him so upset, but I taught him that not everyone can win, but just do your best and keep trying. Congrats to all the boys who entered this contest! And thank you Salvation Army for putting this great contest together! :)

  10. I would like to thank everyone who voted, shared posts to their families and friends and encouraged them to vote as well. We tried the TV stations (no response) radio stations (no response) news papers (no response) . It was just word of mouth, FB, emails, texts, and any other way we could. Congrats to BANKS OREGON who just edged us out but what a fight we put up! We all get caught up in this game…..but that’s what this is, a game. In the end I think all of us are PROUD of every single player who puts on that helmet no matter if he is in 4th, 8th, or 12th. I have the best family and friends in the world and am in debt to all of you! I know Banks feels the same way of their supporters! WOW what a ride this has been!

  11. Congrats to OR kid for winning. Have a great trip on Thanksgiving Day.

    Hunter, SO PROUD of you and all that you stand for. You are one amazing individual and I am proud of the way you conducted yourself throughout this contest. You worked VERY hard for the votes you got, unfortunately, we got behind in the first quarter. However, as you know, this contest does not define you. You played an AMAZING season and your game film proves that. You are a fighter. Press on buddy. There is SO much more to come. Maybe you’ll get your dream to meet Kenny when you play professionally! ;-) You go superstar!!!!

  12. Linda, my grandson was in one of the videos and we wanted his video to win as much as anyone else. I have no problem with what you did. Congratulations! I only hope they surprise ALL the finalists and send them all to the game!

  13. First off congratulations to everyone, they were all great plays. I was rooting for the Rams but everyone did great. I just don’t think it’s entirely fair that the winning video was from four years ago, however if it wasn’t stated in the rules, nothing can really be done

  14. Linda this is about football not what Garrett is doing in volunteer work. I bet a lot of the other kids do amazing things in their community as well. If he was such a great football player you should have submitted a video from this year. If it could have been from previous years someone could have taken one of Johnny Manzeil (the gb from A&M) videos from his peewee days, submitted it and he probably would have won. Or evn one of Clay Matthew’s or any other big name in football. Common sense

  15. I’m happy for the winner, how ever I don’t think it was fair to put a video of a player that happened 4 years ago!!! The winner is in high school ! Ty from Cheshire should have won his video was currant!

  16. I was going to push for more votes last nite and today, and even send a blanket email through our work email which is about 20k people. We live in Midland TX and we had a horrible train accident killing Vets and injuring others. So I kept it quiet last nite and Today. Jesiah’s video was great and im glad it even got noticed. Congrats to all the rest of you.

  17. Congratulation to the winner. I agree with many of the others that all the other videos are of this year. Had I known that then I would have posted a video too of my son who is now in college but played some great youth football. I couldnt do that knowing that these are kids and how would that be fair to do? If you dont see how that seems like cheating then enjoy your trip. I think that Ty deserved that win! I didnt have a child in this and all the videos are great! I hope to see them all on turkey day!

  18. Come on Coyboys & Kenny…….take ALL of the top 10……all of the kids should get tickets to the game……and the winner should get to be on stage with Kenny!!

  19. Congratulations Banks, Oregon!!! Enjoy and may you have a wonderful experience!

    I am one of the UPWARD MOMS from Corryton, TN. I feel confident in saying this on behalf of our team, Thank You! Thank you for recognizing our little guys and girl. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of kids, just as all these amazing contestants. Thank you Cowboys, Salvation Army, Kenny Chesney, and all that reviewed our entry. May all have a wonderful Thanksgiving for we ALL are BLESSED!

  20. 10 people made the finals. 190+ did not. Be grateful you were selected, regardless if the clip was from a Zapruder era film or last week. Feel blessed that we have awesome companies, and the free will to have a “chance” to get something for free. 1 person won, nine people did not. Get over it.

  21. Just really wondering what the rules of the contest were? Honesty is our best policy and what are we teaching our children of today with all of the negativity here. These young boys reading these comments. All of our children are doing great charity work in their community no matter their age, mental or physical status. It was about Jr Fall Football!

  22. I had no child in this contest. I found this on Kenny Chesneys facebook page and couldnt wait to see the winner. I voted for Ty because I believe he had the best video. Winter Haven had a true game video and congratulations to them for winning their superbowl…and I wish all the kids in these videos the best of luck! I am just glad that 9 out of 10 parents had enough morals to see that using an older video is wrong!

  23. Great job, Ty! It was close and you should be very proud of yourself! Congratulations for doing so well and getting so close. It was very exciting to know someone in this contest! I’m sure everyone in Cheshire was as excited as you were, and I’m sure everyone was just as disappointed. Hold your head high & be proud!!

  24. Just went back and looked at the Top 10 videos on YouTube. I know “votes” and “views” are totally different, but I find it interesting that Cheshire team (Ty) had 1,000 more views than Oregon team (Garrett) who won. Didn’t the people voting for the Oregon team actually watch the video? They just voted because someone told them too? I would want to see what I’m voting for. But that’s me.

  25. Ty from Cheshire hey buddy you did great. We are so proud of you. I still think you should of won you play hard and ours was from this years.hold your head up high cause we all love you.

  26. Those will be some expensive tickets I read the rules and the winner has to buy the tickets and get reimbursed by check yikes 4 round trip tickets to Dallas from Oregon close to Thanksgiving but hey Congratulations to all the finalist and to the winner enjoy the game

  27. I agree with rlynn I wouldn’t want that bill only to wait to be reimbursed for some airline tickets. but what gets me is all these complaints about who won an who didn’t some are valid reasons some not so much if you google the rules (I have them here for you well the address where they can be read)
    Now there’s nothing in there that says the video has to be from this year nor does it say it has to be children playing however it does say pre-collegiate meaning high school or under so I guess the point I’m trying to make is why post a 4yr old video when you can post a current video of your child playing high school ball my personal opinion is the video should have to be current but to each their own me and my kiddos will enjoy the game either way with our family on Thanksgiving I hope everyone else does the same.

  28. Yeah, it never stated in the rules if it had to be a current video. Just a play from a game. I agree, it should have been from this year, but it was never in the rules. I read the rules front to back before entering. If you want to start picking on rules, 3 videos from the Top 10 should have been disqualified. Two of the videos were over the 60 second limit. It was just a second or two, but rules are rules and they were still over, right? And one video wasn’t a play from a actual football game, like stated it had to be in the rules. It was just playing around after a practice. And yes, you have to initially pay for your plane tickets, but you will be reimbursed. But so what? It’s a trip of a lifetime! The Top 10 should realize how lucky they are. At least they got to fight for their chance at winning. There were great entries that weren’t picked that didn’t even get that chance to fight for votes. Anyone else notice that all the Top 10 entries were from the first part of the week we could submit? The last 4 days of submitting your entries, none of those videos were picked to make the finals. Interesting. Anyway, the winner was picked and I’m very happy for him. Congrats Garrett! Have a great time in Dallas. And you better be rooting for the Cowboys! haha. :)

  29. All biases aside and keeping criticism of the cheap 1980′s wedding video editing on some of the low budget submissions to a minimum, Ty’s video demonstrated that true game film of an awesome play should be enough to convince the voting crowd of its merit in the purest sense. I have seen Ty play and have no doubts that he
    will execute many more tackles in his future that will be
    worthy of consideration in this forum. I look forward to it and I’m sure his future opponents do not.
    Good job Ty.

  30. What it boils down to is common sence, the contest is for 2012. So the video should be as well. It should also be of someone in the house hold. Son, brother, Key word is YOUTH!!!!!
    If that wasn’t the intention I’m sure alot of people from there 20′s on up to there 80′s could dust off some old game highlights and submit them!! Bottom line your an idiot if some of these videos were not from a 2012 game or practice!!

  31. very proud of all the videos. would be nice if they let all 10 go

  32. Don’t worry Linda. Haters gonna hate. Garret is awesome, and deserves this. Congratulations to all the finalists.

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