Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

After watching and reviewing almost 200 submissions of youth football highlights videos for our Boys of Fall contest, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 favorite videos with help from the Dallas Cowboys, but we need your help to determine the best of the best!

Tell us your favorite video submission in the poll below to decide who wins the Grand Prize – a trip for four to Dallas to see the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins, including on-field passes for the halftime show performance and meet-and-greet with Salvation Army Red Kettle Kick-Off performer, Kenny Chesney!

Voting ends this Friday, November 16. Make sure to find us on Facebook (Salvation Army USA) and on Twitter (SalvationArmyUS) for all contest updates!

552 Comments on “Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

  1. watched the videos!!! Best one is the little Wildcat guys! Look at the little guys moves!

  2. For a prize like this it should be judged not voted on the internet because by looking at numbers and videos it is clearly not legit. I agree with earlier comment on the Winter Haven FL video, though other videos have a great play the Winter Haven one is dramatic and shows victory and celebration and trophy which is what the contest and the song ” Boys of Fall” is all about. I have no idea who any of these kids are on any video but my vote is for Winter Haven and I encourage more people to vote for them. No way should they be in 10 the place!

  3. Im Ty’s mom & we are doing everything we can to do it the right way! Why would we cheat in a Christians organizations contest! We vollenteer though out our community & state. These people voting for us see the good we teach our children & are more then happy to help out & put our town on the map for a good cause in stead of the bad! Thank you for your time! Go Rams!!

  4. LOVE THESE ~ My son plays college ball now , and these little guys bring back all the memories ~~~ Proud FOOTBALL MOM and Love this song ~~~~Gets me every time ;)

  5. The little kids are the future of the NFL. They are so cute.

  6. This is a fabulous contest. Regardless of who wins, football is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. I have a 16-month-old daughter, and when I ask her what she wants to watch on TV, she replies, “Ball!” She, too, loves football. It’s not just a guy’s sport. *~*~* Proud Mom from CO.

  7. Great video…this is what the “Boys of Fall” is all about!!! Gittin’ that ball down the field, scoring and winning it all at the end of the season!! Nice job boys~

  8. Winter Haven…..Great video…this is what the “Boys of Fall” is all about!!! Gittin’ that ball down the field, scoring and winning it all at the end of the season!! Nice job boys~

  9. I admit I didn’t vote for Winter Haven but after watching it and reading it I wish I would’ve. They scored two touchdowns in the final 1:49 of the game in the Super Bowl!! Which means the other team obviously was a good team and it looks like Winter Haven had four huge plays by two players Troyn and Jakob! People really should watch all videos before voting!

  10. Hunter Chapman has the best video ! This young man is on fire ! It must be the cleats or just his given talent!

  11. I agree…. Winter Haven shows exactly what the Boys of Fall is all about. Some great videos on here but gotta give it to Winter Haven for the clutch performance.

  12. I like the Winter Haven Florida one. Our Team plays them and it’s pretty awsome when thy make a touchdown they shoot off fire work and ballons and cannon Even tough we came from another school. It was so much fun at the games. You would just have to been there.

  13. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the sport! Go Rams! Go Ty!

  14. My vote goes to Winter Haven. It showed true talent, team spirit and one happy Coach at the end. After watching Kenny Chesney’s Boys of Fall video; I got a true understanding of what football can mean to all those involved. To me; this video is the epitomy of the “Boys of Fall”!!!!!

  15. Good job making top 10 Jax!!!! #3 Already a superstar to us!!!

  16. Awesome job to all the players! I definetly saw some future Pro football players!

  17. Hmmm? Interesting? Percentages on certain videos are declining? Not sure how all of this is being monitored, but doesn’t make any sense? Just saying?

  18. Love the video usually plays like this don’t work,but he comes busting out . I see a possibility for a NFL player !!!

  19. The percentages are changing as the votes are coming in for all teams.

  20. Love the Winter Haven video~True heart and determination! Great Job Jakob and Troyn

  21. Just a little more info on the Winter Haven video. On the touchdown catch by Troy when he was hit in the end zone he was hurt on the play and sat out on the extra point. He looked up at his coach and put his helmet back on and ran out on the field for the onside kick and he caused the fumble that his teammate recovered. Also Jakob caught a touchdown pass with about 5 minutes left in the game when Winter Haven looked to be out of it. Unfortunately, the rules of this contest could only be one minute long so some great footage had to be cut. The original video can be seen on YouTube under Jakob and Troy Superbowl Champs!

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