Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

After watching and reviewing almost 200 submissions of youth football highlights videos for our Boys of Fall contest, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 favorite videos with help from the Dallas Cowboys, but we need your help to determine the best of the best!

Tell us your favorite video submission in the poll below to decide who wins the Grand Prize – a trip for four to Dallas to see the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins, including on-field passes for the halftime show performance and meet-and-greet with Salvation Army Red Kettle Kick-Off performer, Kenny Chesney!

Voting ends this Friday, November 16. Make sure to find us on Facebook (Salvation Army USA) and on Twitter (SalvationArmyUS) for all contest updates!

552 Comments on “Vote For Your Favorite Boys of Fall Video!

  1. I absolutely love ” The Boys of Fall” song and Kenny’s original. It has some of footballs most treausured icons and sends a positive message. I believe it should be the American football Anthem and played @halftime for the Super Bowl FOOTBALL ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  2. Kenny CHESNEY is my most favorite country singer and the boys of fall song is and should be an anthem this time of year

  3. I love that song . Saw them this summer , they are super .

  4. Brings back those great memories with my friends. We would talk all week about who we would play that Saturday. Life was so simple.

  5. Some of these videos do have a great play but there are great plays in every football game. Coming back and winning Superbowl the way Winter Haven did is a once in a lifetime regardless of level of play so for that reason Winter Haven should win!

  6. Love this song and the fun and memories it brings to me!

  7. This is a great organization to help our kids learn a fun sport and sportsmanship! We are so proud of all of our CJF players! Go RAMS! Go TY!

  8. Go Upward! This is where true ‘boys of fall’ begins… I love the little 4 year olds. Their excitement is showing their tru passion. Already…

  9. So exciting to see the combination of the Salvation Army, Kenny Chesney and Dallas Cowboys. The Upward kids are adorable. The winner shouldn’t be based on voting alone. This is where it all begins.

  10. Cowboys and Kenny? What a great birthday gift this would be!!!

  11. Great footage! Very close. Would be great to win such a special event with Kenny:)

  12. Would love to win. I am such a big fan. These are all good and wish they could all win

  13. These guys really work hard, and love what they do…

  14. Hats Off to Charlie! He said it best! He has set the bar high for all of us! I agree “THEY ARE ALL GREAT!”

  15. Can’t be more proud of all of you! Go Rams! This is a special honor just to be nominated! Way to go TY!

  16. Its a shame the Winter Haven boys aren’t getting the votes because it is the most Boys of Fall you can get.

  17. My vote OS not on there. The boys of fall is my theme songfor my grandsons team.
    Pop Warner INDEPENDENCE. MO PATRIOTS JR PEEWEE 2 you should include them. They are 11 & 0 with 9 shut outs on our way to nationals (hopefully to Florida, but no money!!! They are AWESOME!!!

  18. GO BUCKS!!!! Hunter is AWESOME well rounded kid….Great student, spectacular friend, & OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL PLAYER!!! He is Compassionate & a LEADER TO HIS peers & fellow football players…HE Loves to Lend a helping hand. Love All the videos…They all deserve to Win…But Buckhorn New Market, AL is my favorite!! Good Luck Hunter!!!

  19. The best videos weren’t even picked! Too bad for that!

  20. GO JAX!!!! #3 your Team looks great!!!! hope your video wins – your uncle JR would be proud of you

  21. I love to see young people use their gifts and talents to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Hunter Chapman and the Buckhorn High school football team rock for Jesus.

  22. Boys of Fall Video Contest-Cheshire (CT) Jr Football Rams

    All great!

  23. We are honored to have been chosen to be in the top ten of all the videos that were submitted. We love football at our house and I feel that my boys have represented the Banks football program well over the past 12 years they have played. I think all the videos are great and wish everyone good luck. We would love to win as much as everyone else, but know that whatever happens we are proud of the Banks, Oregon football program and all the boys who play! We also love Kenny’s song and my husband put this together right after the song was released. A clip of 5 of my boys doing what they love. My last 2 boys will start playing for Banks in a couple of years. Hope you enjoy it!

  24. I voted for the Frisco football league frisco.tx.. I really liked the way the video showed the team.. for me that is what the song is about. It takes a team to win.

  25. I liked all the videos. Of course, I loved my son’s best, (Jacob with Michael Irvin & Jacob singing Boys of Fall), but he didn’t make the Top 10. He’s crushed, but he learned you can’t win them all. Anyway, I did like the Upward video (3&4 year olds) but they shouldn’t have even made the cut because the rules stated it had to be a clip from an actual game. That clip was after a practice. And to be very technical, 2 other videos shouldn’t have made it either because the videos couldn’t be over 60 seconds in length. A couple of videos were a few seconds over. But I’m happy for all of you in the Top 10. Good luck! If you aren’t getting enough votes, try calling local radio & TV stations. They would love to hear your story. Get on twitter & facebook and beg anyone you know to vote. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get more votes. And Go Cowboys!!! :)

  26. They were all great. The spirit the kids have is great.

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