Shopping at jcpenney? Round Up Your Purchases & Donate the Difference!

If you meet a bell ringer outside of jcpenney this holiday season with empty pockets – no worries. The popular retailer is making it as easy as ever for customers to give back this season through its charitable giving program, jcp cares.

Starting this Friday, November 23 – this biggest shopping day of the year – customers can support The Salvation Army by rounding up their store purchases to the nearest dollar and donating the difference to our 122nd annual Red Kettle Campaign.

So when friends or family members open your gift from jcpenney, let them know that purchase helped provide meals to hungry families and clothing and toys to children in need through the services of The Salvation Army. Approximately 30 million Americans are served each year thanks to the supporters of our Red Kettle Campaign, and generous partners in giving like jcpenney.

We hope your Christmas shopping will include a visit to jcpenney, and we thank you in advance for rounding up your purchase!


5 Comments on “Shopping at jcpenney? Round Up Your Purchases & Donate the Difference!

  1. i would think that if JCP cared, they would give 25% of their profits to charity.. no?

  2. Whats the mission statement for the Salvation Army ?
    What does the Salvation Army believe ?
    What’s the history of the Salvation Army ?
    Whose the spoke person for JCpenney ?

  3. I thank JCP for allowing you to act as a reminder to us of the need that is so often overlooked and pushed on the sides by us. Thank you for your Red Kettle Campaign. God bless you and the management of JCP.

  4. Location : jcpenny Ford City Mall north side entrance around 4pm 12/19/12
    The person ringing the bell kept the change that was suppose to be put in the kettle …..
    I gave my daughter about 2 dollars in quarters to put in the kettle but for some reason
    the guy reached his hand out and my daughter knew where to put the money. The guy
    was blocking the kettle and just had his hand out …… So we watched him from my car and
    the donations that were given some where put in the kettle and some fell in to his hand ……..
    Better screening on people you have out there ……..

  5. i love shopping at jcpenney they have best clothes with best offers, free shipping and to many discounts with coupon codes :) )

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