Mystery Red Kettle Donor Saint Grand Strikes Again!

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Last Christmas season, a mystery Minnesotan gave 23 kettle donations of $1,000. The person – affectionately known as Saint Grand – always gave the same way: a neat bundle of 10 crisp $100 bills.

The anonymous donor is back this Christmas season, and so are the $1,000 surprises. To date, Saint Grand has struck 11 times.

The latest gifts were discovered by workers counting donations from Saturday’s kettles. They found a $1,000 bundle in kettles from two locations: Cub Foods store in St. Anthony, MN, and Byerly’s in nearby Roseville, MN.

Additionally, a $1,000 check was collected from an unknown kettle location, though this donation probably did not come from Saint Grand since it was not cash.

“Some people are calling all of this a PR stunt – not true,” said Major Jeff Strickler, Twin Cities Salvation Army Commander. “The truth is that nobody at The Salvation Army knows who Saint Grand is or when he or she will strike next.”

St. Grand’s signature gift was first recorded on Saturday, Nov. 17, at Cub Foods in St. Anthony.

“The only thing we know about Saint Grand is that he or she has a really, really big heart,” Strickler added.

The Twin Cities Salvation Army’s 2012 Christmas Campaign goal is $9.8 million. To date, $2 million has been raised.


Craig Dirkes is a public relations writer and photographer for The Salvation Army Northern Division. Check out The Salvation Army Northern Division’s website for all the updates by clicking here, or find them on Facebook by visiting