Hanes Donates 550,000 Socks For Shelter Residents & Sandy Survivors

A clean pair of socks is something that most people take for granted. But did you know that socks are the number one requested item at our homeless shelters?

So we’re ecstatic to announce that Hanes, America’s #1 sock brand, is once again warming the hearts and feet of our shelter residents by donating 250,000 pairs of socks to our residential facilities. Additionally, the company is providing 25,000 pairs of socks for Superstorm Sandy survivors, to be distributed in the hardest hit areas of New York and New Jersey where The Salvation Army continues to serve.

In previous years, the company has hosted a Virtual Sock Drive that asked folks to click ‘Like’ their Facebook page to make an immediate sock donation to The Salvation Army. But this year, Hanes is making a flat out donation to the Army, with or without the help of Facebook users. So for their wonderful support of Americans in need this holiday season, please help us show them some love by liking Hanes’ Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Hanes! You can also find them on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/Hanes.

A huge thank you to Hanes for their wonderful generosity!


16 Comments on “Hanes Donates 550,000 Socks For Shelter Residents & Sandy Survivors

  1. Great news. Kudos to Hanes. And to the Salvation Army and the good work they do. I’ve always loved seeing the Red Buckets and the volunteers out everywhere during this most blessed of seasons. One question, though. Has the United States Salvation Army come to any reconciliation over the abortion stance that the International Salvation Army holds? Last I heard, you were going to address this at your February meeting. No peep about it, that I can see. Was that February 2012, or next February?

    Until I hear otherwise, unfortunately, The Salvation Army Red Buckets can’t receive any more money from me. Sad, sad, sad. I understand that the U.S. Salvation Army does not subscribe to the International’s view on abortion being perfectly acceptable in certain cases. But as long as you’re The Salvation Army, you apparently are part of an organization that, in Europe at least, has gone the way of the culture, rather than the Gospel.

    I’m sorry but no more money from me. I hope and pray that this will change. If it does, please let us all know.

    God bless.

  2. My name is crystal and my sister and her little boy was living in a bad home and now she needs help she has no money to get her son same thing for the holiday sow am asking for same help for her and her boy my e-mail is cl2405cl@yahoo.com thank u very much

  3. Hanes picked the right one to help. I recently read the following:

    GOODWILL owner/CEO Mark Curran profits $2.3 million a year. Sells donated items for profit, pays minimum wage.

    SALVATION ARMY Commissioner, Todd Bassett gets $13,000 per year and housing, for managing this $2 billion dollar organization where 96% of donated dollars go to the cause.

  4. @Elise: Yes, the Salvation Army does wonderful work. I have no doubt at all that their mission and works are pleasing to the Lord. And obviously the Commissioner you mention is a God loving man and not seeking his own comforts.

    However, that doesn’t negate the fact that the Salvation Army, in their official statement, claims that in their church’s view, killing the child that has yet to be born is acceptable if the woman was raped; acceptable if the woman was impregnated through incest; acceptable if the mother’s health may be at risk; and is acceptable if the child’s suspected of having serious birth defects.

    I’m sorry, that is completely unacceptable to me and no doubt to the Lord. Thou shalt not kill. I understand that the United States Salvation Army would like to have this official statement changed to reflect total protection of the babies in the womb, at least to better reflect their view here in America. And that this statement reflects the International headquarters. Nonetheless, the Salvation Army is the Salvation Army.

    God have mercy on them and I pray that this is resolved, at least with the United States Salvation Army so I can resume donating to them.

  5. God also says do not judge. Salvation Army will continue to receive my donations.

  6. When will people just give from their heart and be fine with that? I give to the guy on the street knowing full well he may buy beer or drugs. It is his decision to do so. If it is in my heart to give of my heart, I, am not going to worry about what he does with it. Same for the Salvation Army. They help people “IN NEED”. That is what’s IMPORTANT TO ME. Stop judging and start listening to the needs.


  8. my mom is hAVING A REALLY HARD time this christmas and could really use some help with food but dont like to take from people she thinks is worst off so if there is anything you could do let me know …

  9. Elizabeth – the best way to request assistance for your mom is to reach out to your local Salvation Army directly. You can find this info by entering your zip code on our website: http://www.SalvationArmyUSA.org. Thank you!

  10. Hi Kimberly- thanks for reaching out. All requests for assistance should be made through your local Salvation Army differs in programs and resources. You can find this contact info on our website at http://www.SalvationArmyUSA.org in the ‘Locations’ field in the upper right corner. Thanks!

  11. Elizabeth- thanks for the opportunity to address your concerns about The Salvation Army.

    The mission of The Salvation Army is very clear, “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve suffering humanity in His name without discrimination.” That places a double burden upon us – to preach God’s Word as fact and truth and also to reach out to those who are suffering. As you know, we do that in multiple ways – hopefully always with love and compassion.

    You write about your concerns that we are a “pro-choice” organization supporting abortion. In recent months inaccurate information has been circulated about us on this topic, and I can assure you without any reservation, we are a “pro-life” Christian movement that abhors abortion for any reason. We absolutely do not fund Planned Parenthood.

    Our position statement on this topic is also clear and we state, “The Salvation Army deplores society’s ready acceptance of abortion, which reflects insufficient concern for vulnerable persons, including the unborn.” (Psalm 82:3-4)

    Unfortunately, despite all efforts (counseling, prayer, scripture, more prayer) to discourage women from having an abortion, some will still choose to proceed with such an act, which breaks our hearts. When such decisions take place, we continue to love, embrace and support that woman. That’s the second part of our mission – to serve unconditionally without discrimination. We do not abandon any individual who chooses to make a decision that we may believe to be a mistake, but we continue to love and model Jesus in a continuing relationship. It is this act of love, as mandated to us through Scripture, that some have interpreted that The Salvation Army supports conditional abortion. We do not.

    We are grateful that you are concerned enough to hold us accountable. I pray that this simple response will reinforce in your own mind that we are committed to the sanctity of life and remain steadfastly committed to the protection of life, from the moment of conception until God decides to call an individual home. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to write us at: MediaRelations@USN.SalvationArmy.org. Thanks again.

  12. Need help for my children for Christmas please have 5 children 13 3 1 16 11 help for children thank so much <3
    Need help with my payment for SDG

  13. any coupons for turkeys or hams to feed family of 6 christmas dinner

  14. I’m a mother of two children 6yrs old 4 yrs old I recently lost my job I can not afford to buy them anything these boys don’t ask for much . It just hurts to know there mom (myself) cant even buy them a toy not even one that cost under $10 dollars I know things will get better . Please just a prayer for us and to the other family’s in need would be a great gift to us .

  15. Megan, Your response to Elizabeth on the 13th, was simple, short and completly true!

    You counsel women and support them even though they go along with man’s solution of abortion and you love them anyway just os our Lord does and would if He was still here on earth in human form. I praise the Salvation Army for this and your award awaits you in Heaven!

    I was faced with a hard decision about 33 years ago, I was 5 weeks pregnant, was told I had a tubal pregnancy and bleeding heavily. They Naval Hospital in VA a nurse came in to prep me, without telling me fro sugrery to take my first child. I wasn’t the nieve 19 year girl they thought I was! I asked questions and the nurse told me and I refused to let her continue, the doctor came in and actually talked very loudly and told me I had no choice and ordered the nurse to continue. I told him calmly that I did have a choice to continue with my pregnancy and rely on my Heavenly Father, and if He chose to allow me to go home to see Him I would gladly go! The doctor wasn’t happy and tried to change my mind, I told him he could accept my decision or talk to a lawyer. I never saw that doctor again, But they gave me meds to put me to sleep and tried to get my husband to sign papers okaying them to do the abortion, he told them that I would kill him if he did!

    Well, my 33 year old son is healthy as an ox and I had five more children even though, I was told I could never have any more children after my first son was born!

    I believe that doctor was only trying to cover his butt, because when my ex-husband got out of the Navy, I went to get my medical records and they had disappeared, lied to get my son’s so we’d have those. What we were to figure out was that he had sent me for an ex-ray and it was done instead of sending me for an ultra sound and if I had those missing medical records I would have had proof and could have sued the goverment!

    Was my first child in my tubes like that doctor said? I do not know only My Heavenly Father knows that answer, but I do know that my sixth snild third son was in my tubes and there was a lot of prayer and one night I woke up feeling very cold and felt a searing pain on my right side. (The same pain I had with in three weeks after the doctor told me that my first was in my tube same one the right) Went to the hospital and he was in the womb not the tube, the pain and cold was the Master Physcian at work moving Alex from my right tube to the womb!

    So who should we trust women the human doctors or the GREAT PHYSCIAN? Our wisdom or HIS?

    I chose His who will you trust?

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