#RINGITON! 8 Bell Ringers To Compete For World Record

The Salvation Army’s World Record Bell Ringing Contest begins today!

Starting at 1:00 p.m. ET, eight Salvation Army staff and volunteers from across the country will attempt to set a new world record for continuous hand bell ringing by an individual at a red kettle, and help raise awareness for our 122nd annual Red Kettle Campaign.

Contestants must brave the elements – such as weather, fatigue, and hunger – while ringing a bell continuously, and are allowed five minutes of rest for every hour of ringing. Last year, Darrell Tureskis of Springfield, IL set the current record at 60 hours, and he’s back to defend his title.

You can join in the conversation on Twitter with #RINGITONStay tuned here for updates, and check us out on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SalvationArmyUSA.

And if you live nearby, we hope you’ll show your support by visiting these contestants at the following locations:


Stave Batzka, Fort Wayne, IN

Located at Kroger

5725 Coventry Land, Fort Wayne, IN


Ryan Gass, Roswell, NM

Located at Walgreens

1835 N. Main Street, Roswell, NM


 Judy Grace, Bellevue, NE

Located at Bakers

3614 Twin Creek Drive, Bellevue, NE

Tim Hatmaker, Santa Maria, CA

Located at Foods. Co.

1465 S. Broadway, Santa Maria, CA




 Joey Ostby, Salinas, CA

Located at Safeway Grocery Store

1546 N. Main Street, Salinas, CA


 Jason Perkins, Suisun City, CA

Located at Walmart

2701 North Texas, Fairfield, CA



 Mike Tunstall, Amaraillo, TX

Located at Walmart Supercenter

4610 S. Coulter Street, Amarillo, TX


 Darrell Tureskis, Springfield, IL

Located at Schnucks Supermarket

2801 Chatham Road,  Springfield, IL


**May the best bell ringer win!**


5 Comments on “#RINGITON! 8 Bell Ringers To Compete For World Record

  1. So is this contest as to who is the best professional DING A LING in America????

  2. Billy Nickrand of Laporte, IN just broke the record last week at 60 hours and 5 mintues. He is a local pastor for the church and has been contacted by Guiness Book of WR.

  3. I have given to the Salvation Army every year since I was a child. I am 63 years old. I did not know however, that you donated to hate groups. Yes, I am talking about anti gay groups. You have seen the last donation from me.

  4. Kathleen Snedeker – Being hateful and not supporting homosexuality is 2 different things. Your labeling the salvo’s as being a hate group makes YOU hateful and spiteful. Time to sit down, and pour yourself a nice big cup of grow up.

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