135,000 Toys and 10,000 Coats For Underserved Children Thanks to Walmart Shoppers!

Photo Courtesy of The Salvation Army North: https://www.facebook.com/SalvationArmyNorth

Walmart is certainly fulfilling the company’s mission to help people live better – this Christmas and beyond. With the company’s $1 million donation in support of our 122nd annual Red Kettle Campaign, The Salvation Army will be able to better meet the needs of families across America through food service, heat and utility assistance, and Christmas presents for underserved children.

On December 8, over 2,500 Walmart stores participated in the nationwide “Fill The Truck” event, where throughout the day, store visitors had the chance to buy Christmas presents for their community neighbors in need via The Salvation Army. Thanks to the efforts of shoppers, Walmart stores, and The Salvation Army’s beloved volunteers, over 135,000 toys and 10,000 coats were donated as Christmas presents for families in need throughout the United States, ensuring joy on that very special morning for children and parents alike.

To kick off the event, popular television host Nick Cannon surprised Walmart associates and guests at the Pleasant Grove location in Northwest Arkansas near the company’s headquarters, and even donated some of his own “Ncredible” brand headphones to The Salvation Army’s truck. A huge thanks to Nick for his support!

And thank you, Walmart, for once again Doing the Most Good with The Salvation Army!

Check out some photos of the event:

Popular TV host, Nick Cannon, made a surprise visit to the Pleasant Grove, AK Walmart for The Salvation Army’s “Fill the Truck” event!


Volunteers from The Salvation Army MS Gulf Coast Area Command


See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:10)


9 Comments on “135,000 Toys and 10,000 Coats For Underserved Children Thanks to Walmart Shoppers!

  1. I didnt really knw what this was for but hey why not spill my heart um hurting so bad inside I have four kids and um all alone from the looks of things it looks like my kids will not have any thing for christmas I pray to god that I can get help to make them happy…so god bless any one who takes this message in there heart I can be contacted at 9546546236

  2. I have 2 lil boys 6and 3 cant get them anything for christmas this year the things thay want I cant get my 6 year old son wats a ps3 and my 3year old wats toys just dont no what to do if this not much plzplz give me a call plz4052465937 godbless u

  3. I Kelli am married and are helping raising 2 boys and only live on an income of 250 every 2 weeks and can’t proved presents to the 2 kids finding someone that could help me here in Missouri call me at 816 885 1650 thanks

  4. To anyone that can help, My husband and i are raising our two grandaughters and on disabilty. One is 3 and the other 14. We have very little for them this year, things haven’t went our way too good, seems something just keeps happening they say when it rains it pours. Anyhow if anyone can help with Christmas for are two girls we can be reached at 502-538-9749.

  5. I have 4 grandbabies that i take care of with no money left to provide for Christmas. They will not get not one toy if i can’t find someone to help me. We also need food really bad right now. Im on disabilty and just don’t know where im gonna get any help for Christmas. If you could please find someone to help my children I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I do not have a phone so if anyone can help please contact my brother Lloyd at 502-991-7552 and he can help with info as far as my address and the ages of boys are 7,2,1 and girl is 5,.

  6. We have a autistic child and another baby due apr 1st my boyfriend lost his job of 5 years due to the economy cant provide christmas let alone pay our bills is there anyone who may care 317 420 1277

  7. I recently (@14:30hrs today) left fifty soft toys at the croydon citadel in accordance with the advertising laid out on tv and was informed that the toys would be scrapped due to ‘political correctness’, if this is a sample of your help the poor then i will not be donating again.

  8. Hello my name is Lenard wood, I’m currently homeless due to hurricane sandy. I receive SSI benefits monthly . I am having a very difficult time trying to get housing since the freak storm. I need help. I am disabled and need assistance getting around in New York City. I don’t even have a change of clothes, or a coat. Can you please tell me where to go for help. I can be reached at 212 470 5511. Thanks

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