Champion Swimmer Nathan Adrian Fulfills Children’s Wishes With Salvation Army & Dig Deep

Major Birks, Salvation Army with special guest shopper, Nathan Adrian, Tyson Ross, Bruce Billings and the Dig Deep SF team! Photo courtesy of

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Swimmer, Nathan Adrian helped The Salvation Army of San Francisco provide thousands of toys, sporting equipment, clothing and electronics to children in need at a Target shopping spree on Monday.

Sponsored by local nonprofit and Salvation Army partner in giving, Dig Deep, the annual event provides toys for The Salvation Army’s Toy N Joy shop, where parents can go and “shop” for Christmas presents at zero cost. Nathan was one of several volunteers who browsed Target’s grand selection to meet the needs of underserved families in San Francisco.


Ready.. set.. shop!!

Dig Deep started in 2002, when local real estate agent Rick Teed learned that The Salvation Army’s shelves were empty and in dire need of donations. In just a few days, Rick raised $10,000 and spent 100% of it on toys for needy children. In 2009, Rick joined forces with Butch Haze to create the Dig Deep Foundation, and the holidays for disadvantaged youth throughout San Francisco have not been the same since. Click here to learn more!

A huge thank you to Nathan Adrian for making The Salvation Army his charity of choice this holiday season, and for his dedication to helping families in need this Christmas.



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