The Best Photos of 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we compiled some of our favorite images of The Salvation Army’s work from 2012. Of course, it’s impossible to capture all of the best photos from this last year since the Army serves in almost every zip code and our programs are as unique as the communities in which we serve.

But we hope the following photos will touch your hearts as they did ours, and affirm every coin and dollar you donated to our Red Kettles this Christmas. We are beyond blessed for your generous support this season and for the 3.5 million volunteers who make our work possible each year.

We hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!

At The Salvation Army in Southern California.

The Salvation Army Southern California Division’s Junior Music Camp

Band members of Owl City served lunch at The Salvation Army in Dallas, TX.

Music students of The Salvation Army Kroc Community Center in Omaha, NE.

Hot Chelle Rae, one of The Salvation Army’s 3rd annual Rock the Red Kettle concert performers in Los Angeles.

The Salvation Army secured 50 prom dresses from members of the Lake Mille Lacs community in northern Minnesota so that 13-year-old Deonna Day could have a prom before she died of cancer. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

Waiting room of The Salvation Army in the oil boomtown of Williston, ND. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

Little bell ringers in Omaha, NE.


Kicking off the 122nd annual Red Kettle Campaign with the City Lights event in The Salvation Army, Kansas & Western Missouri.

Serving a K9 flood survivor in Duluth, Minn., after flash-floods decimated much of the city. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

Bell ringers of all ages in Omaha, NE.

Portrait of Schneider Chery, resident of The Salvation Army youth housing program in St. Paul, MN. Originally from Haiti, he became homeless while in the U.S. for eye surgery. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

After-school program at the Lakewood Salvation Army in Maplewood, MN. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

Children playing at The Salvation Army North Corps in Omaha, NE.

Lt. John Fetzer of The Salvation Army Western Divisional Headquarters in Omaha, NE.

A woman asks for Salvation Army services in Williston, ND. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

The Salvation Army Malibu Canyon Dirt Dash in Southern California.

Serving lunch at the Eastside Salvation Army in St. Paul, MN. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

The Salvation Army’s national partnership with Target provides back-to-school essentials to children in need.

Serving meals in Southern California.

The Salvation Army, Kansas & Western Missouri’s annual Civic Lunch featured special guest, Al Roker.

Enjoying a work out at a Salvation Army senior citizen center in Southern California.


Preparing an evening community meal at The Salvation Army in Hibbing, MN. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

85-year-old volunteer Roger Bergman of Cambridge, MN. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

A boy in Willmar, MN walks away with a sack lunch he received from The Salvation Army’s Mobile Outreach Meals program. Every weekday, staff and volunteers drive a canteen to local mobile home parks and distribute lunches to children. Photo Credit: Craig Dirkes – The Salvation Army Northern Division

The Salvation Army, Kansas & Western Missouri’s Honk ‘n Holler program, a mobile homeless outreach program in Kansas City. Volunteers go out three days a weekto bring food, drinks, and other essential items such as warm coats and gloves to the homeless living in camps, abandoned buildings and other areas.

Captain Kroc, the mascot of The Salvation Army’s Kroc Community Center in Omaha, NE.

Music students of The Salvation Army’s Kroc Community Center in Omaha, NE.

Allie Baxter of The Salvation Army Western Divisional Headquarters in Omaha, NE gears up for the Red Kettle Run.

Red Kettle contributors in The Salvation Army Western Territory

Kenny Chesney, The Salvation Army’s 2012 Red Kettle Kick-Off Performer at Dallas Cowboys stadium on Thanksgiving Day.

Lt. Randy Stahl of the Hibbing, MN Salvation Army

Distributing socks to those in need in Southern California thanks to a national partnership with Hanes.

Serving thousands in Manhattan in the dark after Hurricane Sandy’s devastating blow.

Kelly Osbourne assists The Salvation Army with Hurricane Sandy disaster relief efforts.

Serving survivors – young and old – of Hurricane Sandy

9 Comments on “The Best Photos of 2012

  1. Salvation Army has been a big help to me and my 2 sons . i and my boys r christens thanks to the salvation army . god has knockd at my heart several times and i ignored him each and every time . god is n my life thanks to the salvation army .

  2. Always Doing the Most Good. God has worked through the Salvation Army to bless and show love to so many. God Bless All Your dedication, and selflessness!!!:-)

  3. Those were incredible picttures; They touched my heart!! Proud to be a part of this wonderful organization…….doing the most good. One World……One Mission……..One Army!!! Thank you to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving in the trenches!!! God’s love is the best gift we can give to this world!!!!

  4. i really had a great time out there ring the bells it was my 5 year in 2012 i will do it again this year thats a lot for all the pepole it donated to are keddle

  5. My heart always burns with joy and love and gratitude to God for the Salvation Army every time I see pictures or videos of the work that they do. I worked with them at a Summer Camp in Ohio this Summer and their ministry changed my heart and I now see myself a part of what the do for ever more. Thank you God that you break hearts for what breaks yours and there are people who sacrificially serve those in need.

  6. JANUARY 04, 2012


    I am writing this letter to inform your corporation of a representative you have working in the city of vineland, New Jersey..Name unknown due to his neglect of providing me that information when he was asked by myself..This INDIVIDUAL…represented himself as a manager of your establishment and his conduct was unprossesional and insulting…keep in my mind that my family and friends are always donating clothes and merchandise for adults and children of need to support your nonprofit organization.
    the story begins:
    I entered the vineland store…for about one hour of looking thru all of the clothes in the racks. I picked 4 items…2 dress coats for men..1 female jacket..and 1 mens coat. 2 of the dress coat was $12.99 with a pink label ½ off for Friday..2 of the jackets was white label @ $ 9.99 each…when I approached the cashier/manager.He picked up the female jacket and said…I cant sell you this…and I asked why? This is a leather jacket..they start at 14.99…so I said ..oh..ok..I’ll pay the $14.99..He then said NO…I said why? He then said I cant sell this jacket…so I said ok..
    Then he picked up the mens coat…and said I cant sell you this one neither…and now I was getting a little frustrated…and asked why NOT…he said this jacket is worth more than that…I said what are you talking about..the price is in the label…what are you doing…I then did not want to start arguing with I walked away and left the items behind…when I reached my vehicle…I decided to return to the store and dispute his actions and his way of conducting and managing a business…and asking why was he doing what he was doing…he said I am not selling you anything and I want you to leave the store or I will call the police…I told him to call the police..I am not breaking any law…I repeatedly asked for his name or business card or a corporate number which he ignored me until the police arrived…another customer outside mentioned that this individual is always doing that…which I did not understand what they were talking about…But from what I was seeing..he is running a scam…either for himself or for profit…this individual should not be representing your good NAME….the embarrassment and mental state that I suffered was not necessary…if the label of an item is $1.00 or $100.00 that is the price…there was no reason for this individual to have made me go through what I went through this day…the police told me..this indivual has banned me from this store…THE QUESTION IS WHY???
    I am going to pursue this individual’s actions…to the better business bureau .to an attorney… but before I do so..I want to know what you will do to resolve this matter.

    Thank you and sincerely.

    Luis Vineland, NJ 08360

  7. This is tottaly unacceptable behavior in any type of bussiness, Not only does it give the Salvation Army bad publicity it gives our Lord Jesus Christ bad publicity as well , I’m sorry you had to experiance such unprofessional behavior. Please do not boycot S.A because of one bad apple ,I’m sure he will be delt with in the appropriate manner..

  8. Let me give you good people a quick education about salvation army. They have a work therapy program. Some of the employees you see are living and working there. This employee most likely wanted to sell clothing for himself,There isn’t any inventory control system for their stores. Employees could sell arm loads of anything and salvation army would’n't know it.. Theft is an ongoing problem in all their stores. I used to work there this is how i know. There is no incentive to stop this …..why bother everything is donated

  9. I wish those who shop and donate at the Salvation army could understand w/out having to experience.,first hand, the help they give to so many, free.To a mom with a son or daughter heading over the cliff ,it is so comforting.When you have no options,resources or sanity left.there is help.the incentive should be gratitude.for a job ,for a chance at a new life.eventually dishonesty catches up.until then understand the mission is one of grace ,love and help. One person shouldnt cause a bad feeling about all. Keep going Army……*

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