3 Years Later: The Salvation Army Haiti Continues Rebuilding

Local workers have been trained by Haiti Recovery Development (HRD) team members David White and Raymond Cédoine as part of a Salvation Army team working on repairs and renovations in southern Haiti. Photo courtesy of http://sahaiti.smugmug.com

“Ansanm, ansanm n’a Rive” is a Haitian Creole phrase that conveys the idea of working together to achieve a goal or task, and that’s exactly what The Salvation Army is doing in Haiti.

Three years after a monstrous 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the small Caribbean island on January 12, 2010, killing approximately 250,000 people, injuring another 300,000, and leaving many more homeless, The Salvation Army continues to work with impacted communities to achieve tangible, sustainable progress in recovery and development.

For 60 years, The Salvation Army has been a mainstay in the city of Port-au-Prince with the Delmas 2 compound, the headquarters and facilities site that was mostly destroyed in the January 2010 quake. After more than a year of planning and preparation, the renewed vision of The Salvation Army, its donors, partners and the Delmas 2 community became a reality when construction for a new complex began in August 2011. The new structure will include kindergarten, primary and secondary school buildings for College Verena, which is responsible for the education of more than 1,500 area children. Also in the plans is a new church which will accommodate weekly worship for more than 500 attendees – the average guest count on any given Sunday. Construction is expected to conclude in early 2014.

Beyond the borders of Port-au-Prince, The Salvation Army’s construction teams – complete with the help of young people in the community in need of well paying jobs and new skills – work diligently to repair and rehabilitate schools throughout Haiti that were damaged by the earthquake.

New construction for the school in Caillot. Photo courtesy of http://sahaiti.smugmug.com

Lacolline: Busy working and unloading supplies for school repair. Photo courtesy of http://sahaiti.smugmug.com

School children at Puits Laurent school in Haiti. Photo courtesy of http://sahaiti.smugmug.com

Following the disaster, approximately 20,000 people settled in the soccer field and park, better known as Place de la Paix Camp, next to The Salvation Army’s Delmas 2 compound. Since that day, The Salvation Army has supported these individuals with medical services along with material and spiritual support, and continues to do so since residents relocated in September 2012 through Concern Worldwide’s rental assistance program.

Though the work is far from over, The Salvation Army Haiti remains committed to the communities it serves in the aftermath of devastation and appreciates the continued support of friends and donors. If you would like to donate to The Salvation Army Haiti, please visit https://secure20.salvationarmy.org/donation.jsp.

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