Inspired Testimonies from The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center – San Francisco

“I’ve managed through [the ARC] program to fix the broken relationships, to reunite with my family. There was a time in my life when I would always be seeking change and I’d say, ‘this time is going to be different’….This time IS different.“ 

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in San Francisco just released a new video highlighting the spiritually inspired testimonies of program beneficiaries, and was featured on the Western Territory’s Expect Change blog, “Recovery starts here: The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.” 

Thousands of men and women recover their lives – and relationships with God and family – through our ARC program each year at 153 Salvation Army locations across the country.

Check out the “behind the scenes” footage of the program in the video below, and see first hand how your donations and store purchases truly change lives:

3 Comments on “Inspired Testimonies from The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center – San Francisco

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that the Salvation Army saved my life. I learned that through God’s grace the wreckage of my past is forgiven and I can now live a fulfilled, meaningful and happy life. I can contribute to society and help my fellow humans in a sincere and honest way. Most important is now I can look in the mirror and like the person I see. I can take pride in myself and in my actions.

  2. Some years back when I was broke and on the street I somehow found my way to the Salvation Army’s ARC in San Francisco. For me that is where it all began. The Adult Rehbilitaion Center is a tough program and if you stick with it you can go all the way to Heaven. The Administrator was the late Major George Duplain, and he was a man who practiced tough love with the accent on the word love. I was so mentally confused and spiritually broken that I left before the miracle occurred. I gave up, but neither God nor the Salvation Army gave up on me. The miracle did happen a few years later at a Salvation Army ARC in Long Beach, California. Today I am great, and most of the time pretty happy. It’s not to say the old demons don’t temp me every now and then, but when that occurs the Lord shows up and He brings wih Him the memory of Major George Duplain.

  3. in 1991 I was a resident in the Salvation Army rehabilitation center in Scranton Pennsylvania. I was homeless and suffering from drug addiction. The Salvation Army helped me reconnect with my higher power, my family, go to college as an adult student and today I’m the director of a drug and alcohol treatment center in Atlantic City New Jersey. I was given the gift of being able to help people like the salvation army helped me. I’m truley blessed.

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