Salvation Army Providing Long Term Services to Sandy Survivors

We are so thankful for everyone who has supported The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) relief efforts in New York and New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy. We are especially humbled by the generosity of our corporate friends. During the holiday season, the Verizon Foundation donated over $378,000 for our disaster efforts, while the Burlington Coat Factory provided $50,000 in gift cards and assorted home wares that were distributed by our EDS crews for New Jersey residents in need. Thank you to all who support and enable our services!

The Salvation Army’s ongoing relief efforts involve a variety of programs and initiatives. Here are the latest updates courtesy of The Salvation Army’s Eastern Territory. For all disaster-related news, please visit If you would like to support our relief efforts, please visit for ways to donate, or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

NYC Restoration Centers & Disaster Assistance Centers (DRC) on Long Island 

The Salvation Army continues to participate in FEMA assistance centers that are established to assist all impacted communities. The Salvation Army is providing clothing/furniture vouchers, financial assistance, travel cards, emotional & spiritual care, and information and referral services.

Multi-Agency Shelter Transition Task Force

The FEMA led program involves The Salvation Army and American Red Cross disaster case workers who will be working in teams to interview the 2,200 families that remain in shelters and transitional housing (hotels) throughout New York City and Long Island. The teams will ascertain the requirements necessary to relocate these families into longer term housing. In addition to FEMA and American Red Cross funding, The Salvation Army will ‘fill in the gaps’ to ensure that
the affected families complete the next step in their recovery plan. The Salvation Army will provide financial assistance to assist with broker fees, security deposits, furniture, household items, and basic living expenses.

Franklin Shelter Warehouse & Emergency Supply Distribution

The Salvation Army continues to accept, warehouse, and distribute emergency supplies for storm survivors. Emergency supplies, new clothing, personal hygiene products, clean-up supplies, and home furnishings will be distributed as needed throughout 2013.

Salvation Army Corps Community Center Emergency Services

Within the impacted zones, Salvation Army facilities are used to provide families and individuals – who may or may not qualify for federal assistance – with services such as: clothing/furniture vouchers, financial assistance, travel cards, emergency supplies, emotional & spiritual care, and information and referral services.

Federal Long Term Case Management Program

Catholic Charities is the lead agency to facilitate a federal long term case management program. Once established, The Salvation Army will participate in the program’s Unmet Needs Round-table process where specific cases are presented for assistance. The Salvation Army will attempt to ’fill in the gaps’ and provide a safety net for families and individuals who remain in need with no other options for assistance.


For a list of Salvation Army locations near you, please visit and enter your zip code in the right-hand corner.

7 Comments on “Salvation Army Providing Long Term Services to Sandy Survivors

  1. What an awesome thing you all are doing! I think it is crucial to not just give money while the disaster happens, but to stay in the area and ensure the community is stable and strong. It is such a tragedy that still 2,000 families are without homes. Maybe the news could stop their entertainment and Hollywood bits for a while and focus on real problems of the world- not a celebrity got a new haircut. It’s so awesome that big companies like Burlington and Verizon are donating their funds, but there is always more that can be done! I’ll be praying for the Sandy victims and keep them in my thoughts.


  3. Hello we are victims of hurricane Sandy, we are FINALLY moving out if the hotel on the 15th and we are in need of furniture. Can someone please point us in the right direction. Thank you.

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