5th Annual National Day of Service: Here’s the How and Why!

Martin Luther King Day may be a day off of work, but it’s definitely a day “on” for giving back.

While hundreds of thousands of people are expected in Washington, DC to honor President Obama’s second inauguration this weekend, there will be many who choose to stay local and serve their communities in support of the National Day of Service. This commemorative day began four years ago when the new President requested the nation to honor Martin Luther King Day by participating in service activities.

This year’s Day of Service falls on Saturday, January 19. On this day and throughout the holiday weekend, people will come together to better their communities by delivering meals, refurbishing schools and community centers, collect food and clothing, support veterans and military families, and much more.

If the holiday doesn’t motivate you, maybe some of the known physical, emotional and spiritual benefits will!

You may have heard of the “Helper’s High,” which is an overwhelming sense of happiness and well being that volunteers often feel when they are giving back. The release of endorphins during a “Helper’s High” has also been known to reduce stress, pain and fatigue.

But chief among the benefits of volunteering is helping to meet the physical and emotional needs of families and individuals in your community.

Branches of The Salvation Army are participating in the Day of Service by offering a variety of volunteer opportunities. Use these resources to find service activities in your community:

  • Get in contact with your local Salvation Army to learn about weekend activities. Enter your zip code at www.SalvationArmyUSA.org for a list of Salvation Army locations near you.
  • Visit www.volunteermatch.org for a plethora of service opportunities at nonprofits, charities and community centers near you.
  • “Find a project” or register your own event at http://mlkday.gov/
  • Call up your church or favorite local nonprofit to find out how you can serve this weekend and beyond.

Don’t feel like taking off your pajamas? Try “virtual volunteering” by making a donation online to your charity of choice, or by spending time on websites such as GoodSearch, GoodDining or Tab for A Cause. Another option is to support The Salvation Army’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New York and New Jersey by donating online here. 

However you choose to give back this weekend, we thank you for celebrating the National Day of Service!

5 Comments on “5th Annual National Day of Service: Here’s the How and Why!

  1. The Salvation Army in Malden Second Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Community Service will take place on MLK Day, Monday, January 21, 2013. We will be handing out coats and childrens clothing from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm. We will be serving our first public meal that same day at 12:30 pm. Mayor Gary Christenson, the Malden High Key Club, the Malden YWCA and many others will be helping to set up, serve and clean. Please spread the word for those who may be in need of a jacket, kids clothing or a meal. Please contact james.labbe@use.salvationarmy.org for more information or to donate gently used jackets.

  2. To Whom It may Concern:

    I contributed $2,000 to you and received a letter and receipt, the receipt dated December 13, 2012 and the letter January 15, 2013. The letter was from Major Daniel Burris.

    My problem is that my accountant will not let me deduct the $2,000 till I receive from you some document from you indicating that “no goods or services were received for the donation”.

    Please send a receipt that has that information on it so that I can deduct my donation.

    Thanks for the help.

    Harry W. Craig, Jr

  3. Why do we need 1 day to serve and help others? If we are part of God’s family, we should be serving and helping others this every day! May God be praised for everything we do!

  4. what is going on at the salvation army store in hickory my dautherlaw went to buy a red dress saturday and this monday. the dress was on display and the lady would not sell it to her on both days what a shame it was on display

  5. why am i having such a problem to find out when i’m able to get some food

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