Meeting Increased Demand During Country’s “Coldest Air of the Season”

Forecasters are saying the country is currently experiencing the coldest air of the winter season, with many states reporting dangerous and sometimes deadly wind chills. On days like this, being outside for any length of time can be pretty miserable, but for some, there are few options available.

During times like this, The Salvation Army kicks it into high gear to meet the increase in demand for shelter services and to ensure that homeless individuals and families are indoors and safe from dangerous weather conditions. Cold weather shelters, in addition to regular shelter facilities, are currently open in many locations and providing beds, mats, blankets, food and beverages.

The increased demand calls for more volunteers. If you’d like to help The Salvation Army serve your homeless neighbors in need, contact your local branch directly by entering your zip code here.  

If you’ve been outside in the bitter cold temps recently, you know that even the highest quality coats and gloves have trouble defending the harsh conditions. Since January just happens to be National Get Organized month, it’s the perfect time to rid your overstuffed coat closet of every unworn coat, scarf, hat and pair of gloves you own! Now more than ever the families in need in your town will appreciate your gently used donations.

To find out how to donate your winter gear, click here.

To volunteer, click here to contact The Salvation Army in your area.