Salvation Army Serves Families Awaiting Carnival Triumph in Mobile, AL


The Carnival Triumph cruise ship with 4,229 passeners in tow (literally) is currently inching toward port in Mobile, AL after an engine room fire caught four days ago. The ship, described as a “floating petri dish” because of sordid conditions on board and moving at less than 1 mph by tugboats, is expected to make landfall by midnight tonight.

While passengers’ family members and friends wait to meet them on land, Salvation Army personnel are making sure their spirits are high and stomachs are filled with snacks, coffee, hot chocolate and hot meals.

“Each of these families are awaiting the assurance that their loved ones are safe and secure. We can only imagine the anxiety each must be experiencing,” stated Major Mark Brown of The Salvation Army Coastal Alabama Area Command. “We pray that our presence can be a source of hope and calm amidst their concern.”

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