Looking for more from your social network? Check out Online Corps!

Even though The Salvation Army is serving in just about every corner of the world, there are still many who live beyond physical proximity and are unable to take advantage of the Army’s spiritual counseling. Nearby or not, others may feel uncomfortable within the four walls of any church building, The Salvation Army or the like.

That’s why The Salvation Army Western Territory created a new social network called OnlineCorps, a virtual community comprised of individuals who are seeking a better understanding of faith through fellowship, study, encouragement, and prayerful support with fellow members online – and all from the comfort of home.

“OnlineCorps is a safe, online community of people exploring and wrestling with issues of faith,”
said Grant Whitehead, Social Media Chaplain of The Salvation Army USA Western Territory. “People are coming together, getting to know one another, exploring the Bible, encouraging each other and offering a listening ear.”

Launched in late 2012 and boasting members from 34 countries, the site – which includes live webcasts, video chat sessions, testimonials, and weekly Bible discussions – provides honest and authentic discussion of faith and Christianity.

To join or learn more, visit www.OnlineCorps.net or follow the updates on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/OnlineCorps.