Salvation Army Serving in Mobile, AL After Barge Explosions

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The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama is currently serving Carnival cruise ship evacuees and emergency disaster services officials in response to the two fuel barge explosions in Mobile, Alabama on Wednesday night.

The cause of the explosions remained under investigation, but investigators believe it was likely from a spark caused by a crew cleaning the barges. The Mobile County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) requested The Salvation Army’s services to assist in the accommodations of those being affected by the incident.

Parked at the Mobile Civic Center since 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning, The Salvation Army canteen is providing comfort food and care to approximately 800 evacuees housed on location – many of which are crew members of the Carnival Triumph. The Salvation Army will remain on the scene as long as we are needed.

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Evacuees file into the Mobile Civic Center after the explosions. Photo courtesy of:

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