Calling All Do-Gooders: We Want To Celebrate You & Inspire Others!


National Salvation Army Week, which starts this Monday, May 13, is a great opportunity for us to thank all of the selfless volunteers who give of themselves and enable The Salvation Army’s services from coast to coast. Because without their faithful support, The Salvation Army would not be able to meet the needs of 30 million Americans each year with services like food, shelter, disaster relief, rehabilitation, and other assistance.

To celebrate National Salvation Army Week and to honor our volunteers, we’re asking: “How do you do the most good?”

We’d like to share the ways that you volunteer and help your communities to our fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as a way to celebrate your good work and inspire others to “Do the Most Good” too!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Upload a photo or video of yourself serving and / or describing how you give back on:

2. Make sure to tag all images with #IDTMG so that we can reshare your photos and videos to our fans and followers next week.

Even the smallest good deed is extraordinary. We hope to hear from you!

She told us via Instagram- will you?