Tornado Devastates Oklahoma, Salvation Army Lines Up to Serve

Estimated to be over two miles wide at one point, a devastating tornado with winds up to 200 mph struck just south of Oklahoma City this afternoon, ripping apart homes and other buildings in populated areas.

The Salvation Army, mobilized and serving since before yesterday’s bout of tornadic activity, is currently organizing disaster response units to serve hard-hit areas in Central Oklahoma, including Moore and South Oklahoma City.

In Pottawatomie County: The McAlester, OK and Shawnee, OK disaster response teams served multiple locations in the Shawnee area, including devastated neighborhoods and rural areas throughout the night and day.  Around 3:00 PM all units were pulled into safety as tremendous storms threatened the area. Response teams will be out once again upon an all-clear.

In Lincoln County: The Enid, OK canteen provided breakfast, lunch & dinner to the Carney, OK area throughout the early morning hours and all day today.

In Cleveland County: The Central Oklahoma Area Command Disaster Service Unit responded to the Little Axe area with breakfast, lunch & dinner today.  The Salvation Army was responding, even as one of our Salvation Army family member’s home was destroyed.

“The Salvation Army is calling on everyone to pray for all of those impacted by the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma,” said Major Steve Morris, Divisional Commander of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Division of The Salvation Army.

Supporters are encouraged to give online at or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769). You can also text the word “STORM” to 80888 to make a $10 donation through your mobile phone; to confirm your gift, respond with the word “Yes.”

Donations in the form of checks designated to Oklahoma Tornado Relief may also be mailed to:

The Salvation Army

PO Box 2536

Oklahoma City, OK 73102




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  1. Prayers ongoing. As a gal from OKC with family still there and also the EDS Director for the Intermountain Division…my heart is breaking.

  2. So sad for the tornado devastation in Oklahoma. It is heartbreaking. My niece lives only an hour away. They are safe now but… They are all in my prayers.

  3. We are searching for a female by the name of Minh Nguyen who lived next to the school in Shawnee. Her fiance’ who is serving in the military with my son, cannot get in touch with her. If anyone has any information about her, or information where else we might look for her, please let me know. Thank you.

  4. I could be available to volunteer Friday – Sunday this upcoming weekend. I would be coming from several states away. How would I go about getting in touch with a volunteer service once on-site?

  5. My family would like to come there and help. In 1993 we worked to clean up after the flood. After the Joplin tornado we spent a week helping at the College Heights Christian Church distribution center. My husband drove the forklift, I worked on the dock and my 3 teenage children worked various jobs- in the kitchen, in the distribution tents, etc. Please advise on how we can help.

  6. I would also like to help… From nj, want to come out but need transportation.

  7. I am rounding up some volunteers for Saturday thru monday is needed. Please let me know who we would contact to sign up for cleaning, clearing, cooking or whatever is needed.

  8. I would be so happy to reach out and help these people! They need all they can get!

  9. I am from Indiana and I want to go out to help but need transportation. My daughter and I can be ready to go in just a little time

  10. The people in Oklahoma are in my prayers.. May God be with each and every single body!!!!

  11. Thinking about setting up a food, clothing, money drive here in Charlotte NC to send down to OK . Does anyone know who I, can contact to make sure we get these donations into the right hands? And where we can get a list of items needed the most? Praying for everyone involved.

  12. I’m trying to find out about my neice Nell Cliburn dutton who lived where the tornado hit . If anyone knows her please message me . I would appricate it . I can’t reach of the family .

  13. Our hearts goes out to those poor people and how they must be suffering. Canada is praying for all of you and God will give you the strength to see you through this tragedy’

  14. I hope the LGBT victims of this tragedy get the same amount of assistance as anyone else. We are all the same, and a tragedy like this makes this all the more clear.

  15. not sure if this is the right place but i have ff experience and a lil medical…im wanting to know how i can help with the search and rescue and recovery missions….please contact me with any info possible

  16. Here’s an idea I came up with to raise money for the victims. Copy the following to your Facebook page and match your friend’s donations!

    Facebook friends o’mine. Help me raise some money!

    I – – will match up to (5) $10 Donations to help victims of the Oklahoma Tornado. I will match up to $50 total, to raise up to $100 with your help!!

    There are 2 easy ways to participate:

    Get out your credit card and make a $10 donation to one of the organizations listed in the NBC news link attached (American Red Cross, Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief, Salvation Army, United Way of Central Oklahoma, Feeding America, or Operation USA) Make sure to comment below that you donated $10! I can match up to the amount indicated above!


    Start your own movement! Copy and paste this entire post into your Facebook Timeline and match your friend’s donations! Just change the name, and feel free to adjust the amount above to any amount that you can match, using any multiple of $10!

    Of course, we are using the honor system here. Thanks for making a difference!

    Here is the link to donate:

  17. PS- In the above comment put your name where the two dashes – – are.

  18. My. Tough. Prayers. In. The. Oklahoma city. There. Hope. For. Those. People. To. Give peace. And. Faith

  19. I. Hope. Give. God. Give. The. Oklahoma ctty. Peace. And. Strength. Those people. Everyday. In. There. Life

  20. So sad to hear this , i could nt control my emotions when i read i news. Feel very sad for the Kids and for all who has undergone and underwent and still undergoing all the pain . God please give them the strength to survive and please please help these people .

  21. My family would like to help but I do not know who to contact. We would be traveling down in a RV and can bring down donations and live out of it where ever needed, we did this in New Orleans in 2008. We’ve been on mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua several times.

  22. My girlfriend and I are planning to come and help this weekend – Saturday through Monday. Where can we report to find work to do?

  23. I have this weekend Thursday afternoon ( if I can get a flgiht) or friday.. till the 28th pelase advise contact info.

  24. Hi, does Oklahoma need clothing donations? We have several bags of clothes (adult female and male and children boys and girls) that I was going to donate to goodwill, but if they are needed in Oklahoma I would much rather send them that way. If so, where can they be dropped off at in order to get them out there to those in need?

  25. When there is a trajedy like the devastation done by tornados in Oklahoma and my family and I can help by donating “anything”, the Salvation Army is ALWAYS our First Choice. I will never forget a statement my father made several years ago. He was retired military (Army) and had served in Korea and the Vietnam. He stated that the Salvation Army was ALWAYS THERE for them when they needed it, even when others were not. I don’t state that to lessen the support and help other charities have offer time and time again. We appreciate them all but his statement has always stood out to me. He didn’t speak of things like this very often so when he made that statement, he placed very strong emphasis on this to clarify just how important that was to him and that he had the uptmost respect for this Charity Organization. My family and I also very much appreciate that this is a Christian-Based Charity. That is important to us. Especially in today’s world where we need to place our focus on Christ’s teachings and how he “Walked his Talk”. A very sincere and heartfelt Thank You goes out to those who volunteer for the Salvation Army. You are in our thoughts and prayers as are all of those you help in trajedies such as this. God Bless All of You.

  26. I want to literally go out there, and help. Physically help. I don’t have much money, but I have a body and skills to physically help out on this field of mayhem. I don’t know why God lets these things happen at times, but I know I am full ready and able to physically help. I may only be 28, but now I know the things I’ve been through in this life are for a reason more than ever. How can I get out there and start helping?

  27. Okalahoma we are praying for you! I would like to be there to help too. I am not phsyically strong, but I guess I can help spend time with kids and distribute food in shelters. How to do it?

  28. I’m wondering the same thing as Brittney — Where can we send not monetary donations such as clothes, shoes, personal items, and things that are forgotten about like dog food and such? It seems like some charities are only seeking money and the thing is, a check make out to the red cross or other charity isn’t going to help someone who needs shoes on their childs feet right away. I feel like harder than it should be to try and do something for these people besides send a bunch of money.

  29. Cash is the best donation to make. Rather than you spending $20 on a pair of children’s shoes, give that $20 to Salvation Army. They can quickly buy in huge bulk and then your $20 will buy 3 pairs of shoes! They will also get the items into the disaster area and help put them on their feet and then feed them from the mobile canteens. I have volunteered with Salvation Army for many years and have worked tornado areas. They stay trained, stocked and ready for distaster relief here in Oklahoma and are always some of the first people to these sites to help. They ask for nothing in return.
    Larry, my father, a WWII veteran told me the same thing about Salvation Army being the best. It made me choose this charity over the others as well and I am glad I did..

  30. Instead of going out to eat this week, send what you can afford to help the Salvation Army help the unfortunate people who have lost everything to the terrible tornado. In some cases, they have even lost some of their loved ones. The Salvation Army does a wonderful job in providing immediate assistance in these disaster situations. Your monetary donation is desperately needed. Thank You.

  31. I want to post on Facebook where people in my area can donate clothing and household items for the people affected by the tornado. I’ve been cleaning out my closets all morning now I’m ready to know where to go from here. I live in Gonzales, La.


  32. I was in Greensburg Kansas when the F5 tornado destroyed our town. I can tell you all the Salvation Army was there. Money went to where it was needed. I have great respect after that tragedy and personelly seeing the Salvation
    Army help the citizens of our town.

  33. I want to contribute clothing, shoes, towels, sheets, pillows to assist the victims in Oklahoma.
    Where might I take goods in the Charleston SC area to reach those in need.
    Also, where could I reach the victims who are in need of housing willing/able to leave the area?

  34. Can I ship a box of baby clothes to the address above?

  35. Also looking to be able to mail clothes, etc to people in need. I also read online somewhere that in these times something as simple as can openers are good to send because everyone is sending food, but sometimes people may not have a can opener to open these. Is there an address where clothing can be mailed to those in need. I also have extra medical supplies that could be sent to those that need.

  36. Dear Friends
    Our thoughts and prayers are with those people affected by the recent tornado and storm.
    Thank you , Salvation Army Oklahoma for the emergency team ready to help those people in need. We salute you for your commitment and ministry to these people.

    God bless you.

    John Umasanthiram
    London, UK

  37. I would like to sign up to help out anyway that i can. I would be coming from Minnesota and I am willing to do whatever it takes to help out in anyway that I can. Who do I get into contact with to sign up…

  38. Here in California we support you and are praying for you. Stay strong and keep the faith! God bless the people of Oklahoma!

  39. I. Hope. People. In. Oklahoma. They. Look. For. God. In there. Life. I. Pray. For. Them. In. Spirit.

  40. Hmmm. Wonder if Salvation Army will first check to see if the needy are straight or gay first since they seem to be quite the hateful organization.

  41. Red Cross Safe & Well website finds loved ones…

    F.Cook says:
    May 20, 2013 at 9:17 pm
    We are searching for a female by the name of Minh Nguyen who lived next to the school in Shawnee. Her fiance’ who is serving in the military with my son, cannot get in touch with her. If anyone has any information about her, or information where else we might look for her, please let me know. Thank you.

  42. I donate only to The Red Cross. Having formerly worked as a counselor at a Salvation Army ARC in Chicago, I know none of the in-kind gifts, which the Salvation Army aggressively solicits, actually reach the disaster area. I suspect none of the donated cash, either. The officers spoke openly about this and, oddly, even laughed about it. No, you’ll never receive a penny from me.

  43. I live in California and have family that lost their homes in Newalla & Harrah. Is there anyway to donate clothing (large amount) throught Salvation Army? How would it be delivered?

  44. I have clothes & shoes I would like to send. Is the address above a good place to send it to?

  45. Any way to find out what to do or where to go help if we come down this weekend?

  46. check to see who gets majority of money at red cross, ceo $650m plus; salvation army $125m

    salvation army would be better choice to donate money to and help more people than red cross

  47. Would like to be able to help, have lots of blankets and such I can send where do I send . Are they any groups in my area that I can take them too. Would also like to help with food donations where ever I can be of help please let me know. Have already donated monies just want to do more . THank you Live in NW Arkansas

  48. Dedicated to all the Men, Women, Children, and Animals living in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas we are all praying for your safety and well-being through this difficult time. Prayers are being sent your way as you grieve the loss of a loved one and praying that your able to overcome this tragedy and make your communities new and built up again. We are sorry for your losses for there are more beautiful angels in heaven above. We are proud of you for your determination in making each day better than yesterday. I have lived through a tornado in Ripon, WI back in the early 1990′s when I lived there and I’m thankful that me and my children survived.

    Thank You to all the volunteers helping to renew the days ahead.

  49. Dedicated to all the Men, Women, Children, and Animals living in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas we are all praying for your safety and well-being through this difficult time. Prayers are being sent your way as you grieve the loss of a loved one and praying that your able to overcome this tragedy and make your communities new and built up again. We are sorry for your losses for there are more beautiful angels in heaven above. We are proud of you for your determination in making each day better than yesterday. I have lived through a tornado in Ripon, WI back in the early 1990′s when I lived there and I’m thankful that me and my children survived.
    Thank You to all the volunteers helping to renew the days ahead.

    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to Everyone

    Dark stormy clouds gather in the distance
    A tornado was upon the many people and their existence
    Sirens sounded in the state of Oklahoma’s air
    Looking outward into the outside was a tornado hitting near
    As people screamed there’s a twister coming take cover
    Gathering family members and finding a safe place for their survival
    A split second was all they had before things go missing when it’s over
    Meteorologists had been calling this a huge twister on its arrival
    It hit with a tremendous wind blow
    It was a persistent and over powering tornado
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    Turning people’s homes upside down and off the ground
    There wasn’t many buildings or homes to be seen anywhere around
    As they protected each other when the twister struck their home town
    Many miles were turned upside down
    K-9’s are searching with their senses under the clouded sky
    For us Humans to go in and save people still alive
    Scraps of wood, shards of glass, cars over turned and crumpled in site
    People walking up and down the streets with no signs to great their way
    Winds exceeded faster leaving over 2000 broken homes underneath its path
    Leaving about 20,000 families displaced
    People shockingly shattered standing at the sight of the after-math
    The tornado was a huge disgrace
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    Together helping thy neighbor many people had stories to tell and hear
    This tornado was one of the most destructive tornadoes in history
    Stepping into where a person’s home once was is no longer there
    Leaving many people wondering about things they can do to help is no mystery
    In an instant, neighborhoods were destroyed
    People were injured and many lost their lives as help was deployed
    Young children were trying to take shelter in their school
    Not knowing what was really happening outside
    The children sheltered inside the halls as their only protective tool
    People unsure of the safety of the children’s life inside
    Expressions of grief and support came from across the world
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    Wishing the tornado leaves with its powerful twirl
    Many different photos had landed in yards miles from the city of Moore
    Homes and belongings were now a rewritten landscape
    Fences of homes were gone and unseen
    Trees snapped in half and tossed in the breeze
    Houses were plastered on the ground from many miles around
    What can we do to help people survive on through
    Around the world fundraisers and donations grew
    As the tornado’s winding road left its consequences upon many faces
    To view the survival of people arising from their hiding places
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    With many treasured memories flown around
    Windows broken and nails ripped out of walls that fell to the ground
    There seems to be nothing left of a building or a home
    From this tornado in Oklahoma was a whispering dome
    As precious families were awakened
    Many precious lives had been sadly taken
    Through the rain and the wind many dreams picked up and tossed around
    The twister took so many treasures with it from the ground
    This massive tornado swept through a town near Oklahoma City
    It cut through elementary schools it turned horribly creepy
    The loss of children’s lives with it is devastating to all
    It cut through a medical center with its unpredictable call
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    People in buildings in need of being found under the rubble
    This scary and unforeseen tornado brought many different troubles
    It breaks our hearts to see our neighbors suffering
    The feelings of affliction brought people pain and misery
    Their pain gets lost within the cities nighttime darkness
    During the night there’s an absence of light
    Bringing upon the overnight stay
    With the help for healing the sun will shine bright
    Turning everyone’s night into another fulfilling day
    Bringing from the world a connection of loving gestures
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    With helping and guiding hands towards others
    The human spirit can stretch far and wide
    Walking together hand in hand by each other’s side
    Grieving hearts will be touched with gentle, loving and caring hands
    While letting new people from communities in
    Losses are a way of saying to carry on in the honor and name of a loved one
    In the eyes of our neighbors the tears keep falling in hopes of their survival
    Upon the many helpful volunteers that came to Oklahoma on arrival
    We all share in the sorrow that binds us together for a better tomorrow
    With hopeful teardrops from the eyes of everyone in Oklahoma
    There will be stronger people like you and me to heal through the sorrow
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    Looking upon each other’s unhappy tears
    Guiding them into knowing we are happy they are still here
    Taking a frown on many faces and turning them upside down
    On the reflection of a new day’s morning sun’s arrival
    Standing side by side and hand in hand through days that will turn around
    Many fundraisers will bring to you many needed things for your survival
    The world continues to pray for the people of Moore city
    The many surrounding neighborhoods will continue to help guide you sincerely
    Donations will keep coming to help make things a little better and brighter
    The world is praying for your recovery and for your losses close and tighter
    Even through the toughest of times you won’t break down but, rise again
    Hearts will be filled in times of need will overcome this tragedy
    With heartfelt love and support the world will continue to send
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone
    A person’s spirit is tougher than any brick or nail found on the ground
    Nothing in this world will keep your spirits in silence
    Volunteers with be with you every step of the way with guidance
    Please take with you whatever is offered with kindness
    Help put a smile on a child’s face that might be unsure and fearful
    You’ll overcome this moment in time and be universal
    Continue to raise your voices for you’ve made it through another tornado
    The world of people will keep you within their hearts and prayers
    So that no one is left behind or even scared
    Your homes can be rebuilt
    Your belongings can be replaced
    Please don’t walk around with any guilt
    You’ll have memories with your family and friends that can’t be replaced
    Your neighborhood will once again be a pretty rewritten landscape
    Your life is worth everything that money can’t buy
    Each step of your way back home will be a natural and beautiful scenery
    So if you need a person to lean on or a shoulder to hold you up when you cry
    The world is here with you to help make it through with pride
    Peace, Love, Prayers and Support to everyone

    Much Love
    God Bless

    Written and Copyrights By: Deanna M. Culver
    May 23, 2013

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