Attention All Campers!

“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”- Lady Bird Johnson

You probably remember that rush of excitement you felt as a kid when that last bell would ring, marking the official start to summer vacation! Was there anything more glorious outside of Christmas?

For those of you who were lucky enough to attend summer camp as a kid, you understand the value of having time away from home, playing, making new friends and facing challenges.

It’s officially that time of year time to let kids be kids!

The Salvation Army’s summer and day camps provide kids from low-income families with a life-changing experience in the outdoors, where many are introduced to Christ for the first time in their lives, where they will be nurtured and encouraged.

Summer camps provide the opportunity for kids of varying ages to explore the outdoors away from home. These camps can vary from a few days or up to a week, and campers will participate in a variety of activities that might not be available within the walls of a Salvation Army Community Center. Activities can range from swimming, hiking, boating, playing tennis or basketball or just lounging around in the sun and talking with friends. All campers attend programs that entertain while also teaching the practical message of God’s love

Photo Credit: The Salvation Army Southern California Division

The Salvation Army also offers Day Camps for those who prefer to drop off and pick up their child on daily basis. Families are given the opportunity to choose a program that may be more suitable for your camper- whether your child is geared more towards music and arts, sports, or spiritual education. Programs vary at each location.

One great example of this wonderful program is The Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of San Diego.

“Motivated by God’s love, the Kroc Center Day Camp program provides children of all ability levels the opportunity to play and grow in a positive and safe atmosphere, “ Joe  Muth, Day Camp Director- at The Salvation Army Kroc Community Center in San Diego said. “Our American Camp Association Accredited program strives to develop the whole child – within their environment – to help them grow physically, mentally, and socially.”

You can find summer camp locations and learn more about enrolling your child by visiting our national website’s program page here. You can also contact your local Salvation Army or get information about day camp programs by contacting a Kroc Center near you.

You can help families and children in your community by supporting your local The Salvation Army.

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