Rock This T-Shirt and Do Good for Wildfire Survivors With Salvation Army

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Teespring is a company that designs and sells custom shirts surrounding specific events or campaigns. Since the products are crowdfunded, t-shirts are printed and funds are collected only if the campaign’s sale goal is met.

So we’re thrilled that the company recently designed a new shirt to raise money for The Salvation Army’s relief and recovery efforts for survivors of the Black Forest fires in Colorado. Each shirt is only $15 and Teespring is donating $9 from the sale of each one to The Salvation Army in Colorado!

The shirt depicts the “Ladder of Hope,” an emblem of salvation from a burning house as well as a tool used to rebuild a community after destruction. The “Ladder of Hope” represents the tie between fire-fighters who saved victims from Colorado fires and the workers who are dedicated to rebuilding the communities.

Your commitment to purchase will help Teespring reach their goal of 150 shirts AND provide a valuable donation to The Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Colorado.

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The Salvation Army is meeting the needs of wildfire survivors and first responders in Colorado and Arizona. Visit for the latest updates.

This news came from The Salvation Army Western Territory’s blog, Expect Change.