Bright Futures Begin in the Classroom

Photo: Craig Dirkes, Salvation Army Northern Division

As the recession continues, parents are faced with daily questions about how to provide for their families and spend their money. And when meeting basic needs like food and shelter becomes an issue, other essentials, like supplies and clothes for children returning to the classroom, can be difficult to obtain.

Statistics reveal that economically disadvantaged students have a very difficult time with succeeding in school. That’s why each year The Salvation Army collects donations and supplies for low-income students, to help ease the financial burdens of back-to-school shopping and provide kids with the confidence and gear for success in the upcoming academic year.

Believing that bright futures begin in the classroom, Target Corporation has supported our back-to-school initiatives for five years running. In fact, the company is on track to give $1 billion to education by the end of 2015 through organizations like The Salvation Army.

To help meet this remarkable goal, Target and The Salvation Army are once again partnering on the Target School Spree, which will provide 12,000 kids from across the country with new clothes, backpacks and supplies via store gift cards and with the help of volunteer chaperons. Nearly 500 Target stores will participate in the event between July 15 and August 15.

“New supplies, including pencils, paper, notebooks and clothing, provide students with a fresh and positive start to the school year,” said Major Ron Busroe, National Community Relations and Development Secretary for The Salvation Army.

Preparing children for their lives as adults is a huge priority for The Salvation Army. If you would like to support our efforts, through volunteering or donating, please visit for ways to give or to find a location near you.