Salvation Army’s Long Island Recovery Center Offers Long-Term Assistance to Sandy Survivors

Long Island residents still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy now have one more place to find help.

On Thursday, July 11, The Salvation Army Greater New York Division held an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the official opening of its Long Island Sandy Recovery Center which will offer long-term assistance to survivors of the fall 2012 storm. Unique to the area, the new recovery center will provide disaster case management to help eligible survivors find resources for rebuilding their damaged homes.

“We wrapped up our short-term relief efforts in 2012, then entered a recovery phase, and now have officially switched our operations to long-term recovery, as we, together with our partners, work to get people back into their homes or into a new permanent home,” said Major Steven Stoops, Associate Social Ministries Secretary for The Salvation Army Greater New York Division.

Over the past eight months, The Salvation Army has provided financial assistance, referral services to the hardest hit areas of Staten Island, Queens and Long Island, while also playing an active role in bringing funding and services to those affected through partnerships with other non-profit agencies.

As the state continues recovery operations, homeowners like Ellen Levitsky are grateful for the support of The Salvation Army, which helped clean up her storm-ravaged home.

“I never thought anyone would come to help,” Levitsky said. “I feel like I should be pinched. I’m so thankful for the help that The Salvation Army has provided, and how quickly.”

Two more Salvation Army Sandy Recovery Centers are in the works for Staten Island and Far Rockaway, which will replicate the case-management model of the Long Island site. Both centers are in need of staff.

To support The Salvation Army’s continued Sandy recovery work, please visit For information on eligibility and available assistance, call the center’s main number at (516) 478-4166.

For the latest updates, find The Salvation Army Greater New York Division at or

4 Comments on “Salvation Army’s Long Island Recovery Center Offers Long-Term Assistance to Sandy Survivors

  1. I lost my. Great grandmother. To. Cancer. I. Nice. To. Somebody. Else. Get. Heal. By. Believing. In. Faith. In. The. Lord. Jesus. Crist

  2. I. Nice. Idea. To help other ineed. I like. Help. Other. People. In. Other. Cities. Or. Places. For. Good. Cause

  3. Hi We are so happy to have the salvation army on our town. We lost our home to huricane sandy while we try to rebuild we are renting a house one block from your new office. I am so glad we chose your wonderful organization for disaster case management. Good bless you and all the good you do!

  4. Looking to get toys for my children for Christmas because of hurricane Sandy there is no money I live in Oceanside N Y please if there is somewhere to go

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