Commissioner André Cox Elected As 20th General Of The Salvation Army

Commissioner André Cox, a Swiss-British Salvation Army officer, was elected as the 20th General of the Christian church and charity. The election took place at the High Council, which saw 117 of The Salvation Army’s senior leaders from around the world gather just outside London for the sacred task of choosing the next international leader.

General Cox shares his ministry with his wife, Commissioner Silvia Cox, who is the World President of Women’s Ministries. Together they will lead the 1.5 million strong world-wide church of The Salvation Army.

General André Cox speaks shortly after the High Council election in London. Photo: Salvation Army IHQ:

The 59-year-old General has vast experience of the international ministry of The Salvation Army. In the early years of his Salvation Army officership, General Cox held appointments in Switzerland and Zimbabwe. More recently he has served as the territorial commander in the Southern Africa Territory, the Finland and Estonia Territory and the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. In February 2013 he was appointed as Chief of the Staff – second in command of the international Salvation Army.

On being announced as The Salvation Army’s 20th General, the new international leader told more than 10,000 people from around the world watching via a live webcast that he was thankful to God but aware of the ‘awesome task that has been placed upon our shoulders’. He continued: ‘I pray that The Salvation Army will be known for being a force for good in the world … that The Salvation Army will be a force for positive change and transformation in the communities in which we serve … [and] that Salvationists will live up to the spiritual values we proclaim.’

The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and every day in 126 countries around the world. To learn more about The Salvation Army international, please visit

See the official press release here.

13 Comments on “Commissioner André Cox Elected As 20th General Of The Salvation Army

  1. I. New. Person. To. A. Diffrent. Carrier. To. New. Place. For. Helping. Other ineed. Together. They. Could. May. A. Chance. People. To. Look. For. God. And. Read. The. Bible. And. Pray. For. Others

  2. I and my wife are much delighted that Commissioner Cox has been elected as the 20th General. We are praying for him that he will lead The Army to fulfill its mission with great success.

  3. Back around 1993 I worked with the Salvation Army as a voiunter to rase money for a new-graduat Salvation Army soldier to pass their final test so as to get their degree. We needed to rase $2000-dollars as the goal for the test, the new officer met that goal. During this time I was with the Salvation Army for about 18-months helping in any assignment thay gave me. I also went to colorado for the short school training there, which I throughly enjoyed . Now back here in utah (S.L.C.) I was asked if I wanted to go to Alaska to set up an office, or to work there in an office. I said YES I would. But then I was asked if I was married, and I said, I have no prospects yet; so no i’m not married. After some discussion I was asked if I could work in the dining room. During all that time I learnt that for many good reasons or causes you can consider helping people above and beyond what you normally do…there is a handicapped person who has a need to get a modified electric-wheei chair I belive she said she needs a chair that has a back that gos up and down so she can lay out on it she has muscular sclerosis /polio she needs $2000-dollars, do you have any insight on how to get this help for here; or the work to be done for here …she has no money to meet the cost, is there any person, or group that can help her, or rase the funds for this good cause and her…her church can only give her 10% and she is stil short by the other 90% she desperately needs…she asked me to talk to the Sallvation Army because I told her that you might be able in some way ,either by a person that can help, or by some way of geting here the other needed money to help. Thank-you D.W.P.Hughes (it is the fire of God th help)

  4. Greetings! As a retired U.S. Army (LTC) Chaplain, I am interested in ministry of your organization. (My background is Southern Baptist.) Some years ago, I participated in some of your local worship services here in Birmingham, my home. I was impressed with the spirit and objectives of the service. Observing so many being touched by God’s Spirit left an impression on me that you mean business by really ministering down where the people live! Making you aware of my desire to explore my potential as one of your co-workers is my objective. If you are led to pursue a possibility of my service to your ministry, please write or call. (Currently, my email is down…sorry.)
    Contact information: LTC (r) David W. Campbell, 101 Bishop Circle, Suite 121, Pelham, AL 35214. Cell: (205) 335-4328.

  5. Congratulation to new general of The Salvation Army. I am from Indonesia. I hope General Andre Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox visit in ministry to Indonesia, to support development of Salvation army in Indonesia. Indonesia is diffrent of others countries.


  7. Thanks be to GOD for having given as excellent officers.Mr. & mrs.Cox,may GOD lead you in the right path.

  8. I would first like to say congratulations to the new General of The Salvation Army! I know there is a plan for everyone in this world and God is first and foremost the one and only who will be exalted. I haven’t been keeping up with all The Salvation Army has to offer but felt some rejoice in answers only God provides to us. I pray answers will be lifted and know who is the most high. Thank you for your willingness to help and see us through!

  9. i will congratulation to the new General. he will lead The Salvation Army to high path.

  10. Why is ” The Salvation Army ” is called an Army of “MUSIC” instead of an” Army of God” Some people do not know that we preach the” Word Of God” The church only focus on music world wide.

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