A Refuge of Love, Hope, and Change – All Thanks to You

“You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat” (Isaiah 25:4).

This verse from the book of Isaiah is the foundation for The Salvation Army’s 2013 Online Annual Report’s theme, “Refuge,” now available at http://annualreport.salvationarmyusa.org/.

In troubled times, we seek refuge – an escape from the world that’s crashing down around us, a sanctuary from our sufferings, a haven of strength and healing. And for millions of men, women and children throughout the country, that refuge is The Salvation Army.

The generosity of donors and volunteers allowed The Salvation Army to offer a refuge of love, hope, and change to more than 30 million Americans in 2013; a shelter for the homeless, a place of sustenance for the hungry, recovery for the downtrodden after disaster, and spiritual renewal for the addicted.

And across the country, children found a refuge of possibility for their futures through life-changing experiences at summer camps.

The Salvation Army is blessed and humbled by your life-changing support.

See the difference you’re making by visiting http://annualreport.salvationarmyusa.org/ for the full report.

2 Comments on “A Refuge of Love, Hope, and Change – All Thanks to You

  1. I. Nice. To. Some. To. Help. Others. Indeed. For. A. Good. Cause. In. This. Time Year. In. World. Peace. And. Glory. And. Faith. Happiness

  2. I had an experience with one Salvation Army in Dyersburg, Tennessee where I found out that instead of letting a person have the left over bread when new bread came in from the donators like unto yourself that the bread was not given out to a person that wanted to donate money to them for the left over bread, instead I was told that the left over bread could not be given or let me have it but was donated to a man whom owned a fish pond to feed his fish. I have found this out about others the same way. I wanted to take the bread and pay for it as a donation to the Salvation Army for their other needs and take this bread to needy families in my community, including my self as I am needy also. I was going to do this out of my heart but was shunned and told that I could not be given the bread to give others in need but that the bread had to go to the fish pond people. What a shame. I was so ashamed when I left I felt like giving up on humanity. How dare they not give this bread away to needy people by someone willing to take ther money and time out of their life to give a loaf of bread to needy people? I drove away in hurt. They gave the bread to the fish man to feed his fish!
    Floyd Rogers Sr.

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