Who Volunteers for 28 Straight Hours in Sub-Zero Temps?! This Amazing Guy.

Rob Lawler

Lt. Rob Lawler ringing outside of Walmart in Helena, MT

The temperature stood at a frigid 7 degrees when Lt. Rob Lawler of Helena, MT put down his bell at hour 28 of the World Record Bell Ringing Contest. Surely he deserves an award for his incredible efforts. Lt. Lawler – we hope you’re en route to the hottest house of all time. We applaud your tenacity!

Three bell ringers remain in the World Record Bell Ringing Contest, competing to achieve the 80 hour record set in 2012. If this is achieved, the winner will be wrapping up around 9:00 p.m. Friday evening.

Stay tuned for updates and cheer on these hardcore do-gooders on Twitter with hashtag #ringiton.