Path to Service: Major Roni Robbins

Many are familiar with The Salvation Army’s Kettle Bells, Family Stores, and the recognizable Salvation Army officer in uniform. But beyond the recognition of the organization, not many know exactly what officers do, or what they’ve gone through to wear those uniforms.

Salvation Army officers strive to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and serve as administrators, teachers, social workers, counselors, youth leaders, and musicians. Officers go through an intensive two-year training at one of the many Salvation Army colleges in the United States and study curriculum that includes subjects such as Salvation Army doctrine, sociology and social work, psychology, public speaking, Bible studies, church history, composition, community relations, business administration, and vocal and instrumental music, and more!

Following their two-year training, cadets become lieutenants, ordained as ministers, and are then assigned to active duty while continuing their education.

These incredible individuals – all 3,573 of them in the United States alone – have dedicated their lives, skills, and service completely to God.

We are starting a new feature, called “Path to Service” that will carry into the New Year and highlight different officers from across the country that will allow you to “get to know” the faces behind The Salvation Army and hear the many unique roads that lead them to where they are now.

In the video below, Major Roni Robbins, Corps Officer in Atlanta Georgia, shares her passion for being a Salvation Army officer. Her energy and genuine love of helping others is inspiring, “I can’t imagine doing anything else” she says with a smile.

Please enjoy her video!

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