“I could never, ever imagine The Salvation Army turning away anyone…”


This post was originally featured on The Salvation Army Western Territory’s blog, Expect Change and was contributed by Kathy Lovin of The Salvation Army Western Territory.

Ricky grew up in a family where there was love, but as a young gay man in the 80s he struggled with his identity. So he stole his parents’ credit cards to buy things he thought he needed to feel good.

When his parents reported the cards stolen, the police investigated the crime and arrested Ricky. His parents tried to drop the charges once they knew he was the guilty party but it was too late. He went to prison anyway.

While he was in prison his mom died. After he got out and began to reorder his life, his dad died. Then his boyfriend decided he couldn’t handle all the upset in Ricky’s life and the emotional baggage it created, so he left too.

Ricky’s answer to all of the despair in his life was to use the knot-tying skills he learned as a Boy Scout to hang himself. Thankfully, the knot broke and a well-timed “welfare check” by his parole officer moments later kept him from trying again.

His parole officer found drugs in the house, so he was off to prison again.

Find out the rest of Ricky’s amazing story about the healing power of Christ’s love and the outstretched hand of The Salvation Army. Click the white arrow to watch Ricky’s testimony video:

As you give this Christmas, you can be assured that The Salvation Army offers its love and service to anyone in need as long as we have the capacity to help.

Now Ricky is on the giving end of God’s love: he is the Assistant Resident Manager at our Adult Rehabilitation Center in Denver, Colorado.

He’s helping men who’ve struggled to get clean of drugs – and the criminal activity that often comes with it – to heal their bodies and minds, learn good work habits, and prepare themselves for what God has planned for the rest of their lives.

Remember that everything you give to or buy from a Salvation Army Family Store helps us care for people who need comprehensive, no-fee, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Click on satruck.com for a Family Store location, Adult Rehabilitation Center or donation drop-off site.

Thank you!

6 Comments on ““I could never, ever imagine The Salvation Army turning away anyone…”

  1. I. Nice. To. Some. Chance. They. Life. For. A. Second. Chance. For. Micrale. Healing. And. Micrale. Prayer. God. Could Chance. Life. For. Everyone. Asking. For. Something. Diffentt. In. They. Life. For. Get. Better. For. Them. Self.

  2. Mom living on streets because loosing house forecloser 3 years because of pride. Children ages 16, 14, 12. Please add to angel tree. Have adopted contact me on email.

  3. I ready need help for my two boys for Christmas I have no gift for because I had to try getting our car fixes so I can get them to school so can some one please just one toy will make them happy they are not pickier kids they like to play with anything so can someone please use thank in my god bless you.

  4. Hello i have 5. Children and i could really use some help providing. Gifts for them we would greatly appreciate it. May god bless you and your families during this holiday.

  5. I’m a mother of 12 kids and 12 grandkids this christtmas will be my frist christmas with my kids I haven’t been in my kids life my sister had took my kids when they were baby I been looking for them for 15 years just last christmas I got them back my sister Put them on a bus and on christmas day the lord gave me the bigs gift that any mother would want and i wish i could give them a gift my kids told me that they were miss treated god bless you

  6. I am a new Christian since 4,2013! I have been saved from drugs and alchohol since 18 months ago. By Gods grace I am in a christian home with my 2 daughters Cassie(16) and Tess(5). We need help with gifts this year. I am trying to get back on my feet and receive state aid until then. Also household items. I am anticipating our own apartment to open by April 2014. Any help would be appreciated. Our local S.Army I Pittsfield, Maine tells me I am too late for help. Thank you, and God Bless!

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