This three-year-old surely knows the reason for the season!


Sebastian Briatico, 3 years old

We received a heartwarming note from two very proud parents of a young do-gooder.

Dennis Briatico shared with us that he and his wife have been struggling financially and “dreading Christmas” this year, as they were feeling so unprepared to deal with the holiday’s expenses, among others.

So encountering a Salvation Army Red Kettle outside of their local Kroger was yet another reminder of the fast approaching holidays and their inability to give unto others.

They tried to avoid eye contact as they walked by the bell ringer, when suddenly their three-year-old son, Sebastian walked up to the older volunteer and said, “wait, I have money for you.” He then took out his small wallet and dumped the few pennies he had collected from around the house into the kettle.

“Our child, who hasn’t had the nicest, newest toys, gave every penny he had to someone who had nothing,” recounts Dennis. “30 seconds later we stood humbled, embarrassed and crying in the produce section. Our child had reminded us that we had each other, a roof over our head, and that’s more than some people.”

We give thanks for all of our supporters out there, big and small. Many thanks to the Briaticos for sharing this story of compassion for others!


3 Comments on “This three-year-old surely knows the reason for the season!

  1. I know this family, and they are amazing. They may not have a lot of money to buy things, but what they lack there they make up for in heart and helpfulness in other ways. “Champions of the under-dogs”, one might say. Merry Christmas!!

  2. I nice. That. People. Help. One. Another. Ineed. This. Tough. Economy. That. God. Make. God micrale. Prayer. That. Believe. In. Crist

  3. I was so touched while reading about Sebastio n’s kindness.Bravo to Mom & Dad!!Give Your Awesome Child a Huge Hug For Me! Jesus Loves You!! Merry Christmas & I wish you a Happy New Year!

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