ARC Resident Shares Powerful Allegory

For over 100 years, The Salvation Army has been providing assistance to men and women with a variety of social and spiritual afflictions through its Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC).

Centers offer residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy.

The physical and spiritual care that participants receive provides struggling individuals the chance to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient once more.

Cecily is a resident at The Salvation Army’s Clitheroe Center in Anchorage, Alaska. During her treatment, Cecily wrote a powerful allegory about addiction and gave The Salvation Army Western Territory  permission to have it published.

Cecily-Allegory-about-addiction2To read more about Cecily’s amazing transformation, please check out the full story at  Expect Change, The Salvation Army Western Territory’s blog.

To learn more about ARC programs, visit or contact your local Salvation Army.