3 Million Salvation Army Volunteers = What, exactly?
26 April 2017
We hope our 3 million annual volunteers know how much good they do.
Easter Message from General Andre Cox of The Salvation Army
12 April 2017
Easter Message from General Andre Cox of The Salvation Army
Veterans Day and The Salvation Army
11 November 2016
The one word US military veterans and The Salvation Army shares most in common: Others.
Salvation Army Receives Book Donation
28 June 2016
Author shares how Salvation Army encouraged his love of reading
Krispy Kreme helps The Salvation Army Celebrate National Doughnut Day
02 June 2016
The Salvation Army is gearing up to celebrate the 79th Annual National Doughnut Day!
The Salvation Army Receives STEM Education Leadership Award
20 May 2016
Yesterday in New York City, The Salvation Army was honored at the 2016 STEM Education Leadership Awards presented by Nasdaq and EverFi.
Bringing Digital Learning to Salvation Army Centers Nationwide
03 March 2016
The Salvation Army and Target are thrilled to launch a new digital learning platform in Salvation Army After School Programs across the nation.
Salvation Army is Responding to October East Coast Floods
07 October 2015
Hurricane season is not over just yet, so Hurrican Joaquin has shown us.
Ten Years After Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, The Salvation Army Continues to Serve the Gulf Coast
19 August 2015
The Salvation Army continues to be a source of hope, stability and service to the residents of the Gulf Coast
Salvation Army Relief Teams Continue Serving Communities of Nepal
17 August 2015
The Salvation Army continues its vital response in communities
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