Salvation Army is Responding to October East Coast Floods
07 October 2015
Hurricane season is not over just yet, so Hurrican Joaquin has shown us.
Ten Years After Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, The Salvation Army Continues to Serve the Gulf Coast
19 August 2015
The Salvation Army continues to be a source of hope, stability and service to the residents of the Gulf Coast
Salvation Army Relief Teams Continue Serving Communities of Nepal
17 August 2015
The Salvation Army continues its vital response in communities
Calling All Summer Campers
08 July 2015
Summer camp has already begun...
Formerly Homeless Man Recalls 'Key' to His Comeback
08 July 2015
For Brett Bruvold, the most demoralizing aspect of being homeless...
The Salvation Army Celebrates National Donut Day!
04 June 2015
For the fifth year in a row, Entenmann’s Bakery is helping The Salvation Army celebrate the sweetest holiday, the 78th Annual National Donut Day!
Profile: James Green, Breakfast MVP
15 May 2015
It bothered James Green that he couldn’t see the homeless woman’s eyes. Every time he saw her waiting in line for a hot breakfast ...
We’re Celebrating National Salvation Army Week!
11 May 2015
Today, we kick off our 62nd annual National Salvation Army Week.
The value of volunteers
16 April 2015
Despite evidence that it leads to health benefits and greater life satisfaction, the rate of volunteering in the United States declined again in 2014.
An Easter Reflection from General André Cox
01 April 2015
An Easter Reflection from General André Cox
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