A New Life

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suffering throughout the world is a sad reality. Outside of the light of Christ, it’s easy to understand why some people attempt to squander feelings of depression and hopelessness by fueling their addictions.

Every day and by your help, employees of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers experience the joy of witnessing the transformation of these individuals. From darkness to light; dependency to sobriety, those who once had nothing now have everything because they have discovered faith and hope through their new life in Christ.


It’s Closing Time

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

With the last sweep of the broom across the cold concrete floor, I stand and stare out across the 48,000+ sq feet of warehouse space. As I lean against the wooden handle, I can almost make out the chatter of voices from families waiting for their number to be called so they could register their children for the Angel Tree program. I can hear the swish of papers and the rhythmic tapping of pens as volunteers and staff complete the applications for each person.


Salvaged Santa Inspires

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last week, Mike Jones, a Salvation Army Board Member, was humbled to receive a Congressional Badge of Bravery for his heroic deeds from December 14, 2010. It was on this day that Mike shot an angry, gun-wielding man, saving the lives of several school board members who were taken hostage at their own meeting in Panama City, FL.

“Receiving this badge was my chance to thank my family, friends and mentors who have molded me. It’s important to remember that other people help build your character.”


Honoring Through Service

Friday, January 13, 2012

This coming Monday, January 16 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Since the “King Holiday and Service Act” was passed in 1994, this traditional holiday off of work has become a day “on” for volunteerism and community service events. Salvation Army locations across the country are right on board, hosting a variety of events throughout this weekend that will provide you with the opportunity to give back to your community.