Wichita – We Need Your Help!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You may have read about or heard of the many Million Meals packing events The Salvation Army has been hosting in partnership with Numana, Inc. Thousands of volunteers from Indiana, California, Kansas, Missouri, and other states have already turned out to these community events to help us package several million meals for earthquake survivors in Haiti.

Get excited because we have another opportunity coming up this weekend! Our next Million Meals event will be held in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21. We appreciate all the support we’ve received thus far and we need your continued efforts to reach our goal of providing this food for Haiti! Below is what you need to know about how to get involved. More detailed information can be found at The Salvation Army Wichita website at www.millionmeals.net.

The Salvation Army Now at Work in 120 Countries

Monday, March 15, 2010

Salvation Army General Shaw Clifton has announced the official opening of The Salvation Army’s work in Nicaragua, making it the 120th country in which the Army is officially at work.

Previous attempts to establish a presence in Nicaragua were short lived due to civil conflict within the nation. In 2005, however, with the regime being more open to the presence of Christian organizations within the country, The Salvation Army’s Latin America North Territory began exploring the possibility of setting up operations.

Meetings were held with the government at the beginning of 2008, with a view to establishing the Army’s legal presence in Nicaragua. Several months were spent working through the various legal requirements in connection with The Salvation Army’s registration in the country.

Majors Enrique and Ana Molina, Costa Rican Salvation Army officers, have been appointed to lead the new work. Until their residency application is complete, Major Max Mayorga, Territorial Social Secretary in the Latin America North Territory – and Nicaraguan by birth – has power of attorney to act for Majors Molina and on behalf of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is in good standing with the Nicaraguan authorities, and we look forward to working with them and the local communities!

Fashionistas Find Inspiration at The Salvation Army

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let’s face it, times are tough. Families and individuals are looking for ways to save money and spend more responsibly in the midst of a lagging economy.

Penny pinching can be a difficult discipline, but some creative folks out there are making the most out of their dollars and cents, and they’re having fun doing it! Personal stories of victory and enthusiastic tips for others have been popping up on blogs of frugal fashionistas and do-it-yourself gurus who know how to find bargains without sacrificing style and personality.

And where do many of their coveted treasures come from? The Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores. It’s truly inspiring to see how a little creativity – and your money – can go a long way. And not only do purchases from our stores help your wallet, they also enable The Salvation Army to serve those in need.

Many bloggers have been sharing their trendsetting Salvation Army creations online, such as Amanda’s “Thrifted Remix” style, and retro, eclectic outfits by Ancho P. There’s also Elise, an Interior Architecture student whose talented and selective eye dressed mannequins and designed displays to transform a Salvation Army store into an upscale boutique.

Amanda’s “Thrift Remix” Style is built from clothes taken from second hand stores including The Salvation Army. Photo from her blog http://isanotherstreasure.blogspot.com.
Amanda’s “Thrift Remix” Style is built from clothes taken from second hand stores including The Salvation Army. Photo from her blog http://isanotherstreasure.blogspot.com.

A group of students from Grand Rapids Community College even hosted a fashion show at a Grand Rapids, Michigan Salvation Army Family Store. They were rocking the runway with outfits they compiled themselves from the store’s racks, boasting styles from polished to funky.

‘Nikki’ raved on her blog about a beautiful antique bench with “great bones and beautiful scroll work,” that she found at The Salvation Army for $13. She transformed it with some fun fabric and pink paint to fit in with her contemporary living room.

Now, back up – we can share in the excitement of others who have found great deals, but, as mentioned earlier, how do purchases (and donations) to Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores help those in need? Funds from the store directly finance Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs), which is a rehabilitative ministry that provides spiritual, social and emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. Each center offers residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy, all in a clean, wholesome environment. The physical and spiritual care that program participants receive prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment.

For more information about Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, visit our website at www.satruck.org. In the meantime, we hope you continue to stretch your dollars and express your creative side with pieces from Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores!

Salvation Army Offers Proposal for Shelters in Haiti

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Salvation Army currently serves as the UN-designated “lead agency” for some 20,000 individuals who are living in tents within a soccer stadium near the Army’s Port-au-Prince headquarters. As Haiti’s rainy season approaches, The Salvation Army is making it a priority to transition refugees from the camp into temporary shelters, and we have submitted a proposal to USAID for funding to provide 10,000 transitional shelters for these people.

Mr. Lyle Laverty, volunteer and former Assistant Secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, recently arrived back in the United States after serving a three-week deployment to Haiti on behalf of The Salvation Army. He and a technical working group have already created frame specifications and a proposal for what the shelter should look like and the construction materials needed. A model was built in only one day and used to demonstrate to USAID the construction process.

The Salvation Army proposal would use salvaged timber killed by mountain pine beetles in Colorado. This would create jobs in Colorado while providing a green and environmentally conscious solution for the use of the wood. The Salvation Army would train crews and hire local workers in Haiti to construct the shelters which would not only provide jobs, but also provide technical skills for Haitians to use in future construction projects. These transitional housing units will provide a safer and more structurally sound environment than has been available to many Haitians.

Additionally, a wonderful relationship is established with Senator Joseph Lambert in Haiti. Senator Lambert, President of the Parliament, arranged a meeting with the Minister of Interior to discuss The Salvation Army’s response to the disaster and strategy to assist the people of Haiti with transitional shelter.

The Salvation Army awaits word from USAID on whether its proposal will be accepted. As soon as an answer is provided, TSA will act promptly so as to ease the human suffering caused by the earthquake of January 12.