It’s Spring! Time to Get Cleaning and Do Some Good

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring is officially here! The 2013-2014 winter season was a long and bitter cold one, and spring could not have arrived sooner. It’s also National Spring Cleaning Week!…

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Tips From a True Glam Thrifter

Monday, April 1, 2013

The following was contributed by guest blogger, Sheila Fortson, owner of the Hidden Glam Boutique in Ambler, PA. Sheila is also known as “The Glam Thrifter” because she loves…

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Salvation Army Stories: Part 2

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deliberating between a sentence of time in state prison or the counsel of The Salvation Army, the judge decided to give Leslie Zimmerman one last chance, a prospect of real life change through a work program at The Salvation Army in Pasadena, CA.

That was a good call on his part.

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Dress to Impress with Salvation Army Family Stores

Monday, May 21, 2012

The following was contributed by guest blogger, Sheila Fortson, owner of the Hidden Glam Boutique in Ambler, PA. Sheila is also known as “The Glam Thrifter” because she loves to shop second-hand and does it like a pro! Join her online at and

All dresses pictured below are from The Salvation Army Family Store in Montgomeryville, PA!

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Do the Most Good in Your Spring Cleaning

Monday, March 19, 2012

It’s National Spring Cleaning Week! In celebration of the cleanest week of the year, the Huffington Post offered a handy list of 10 ways to de-clutter your closet….

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Fashion Guru Shops Salvation Army!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our friends in The Salvation Army Western Territory have a fabulous blog called Expect Change. Even if you don’t live the area, the blog’s known for featuring some really unique stories that anyone can enjoy.

Like their latest post about 16 year-old Meredith, a popular “beauty guru and vlogger” on YouTube, who recently posted a video about her fabulous fashion finds from her local Salvation Army thrift store.

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A New Life

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suffering throughout the world is a sad reality. Outside of the light of Christ, it’s easy to understand why some people attempt to squander feelings of depression and hopelessness by fueling their addictions.

Every day and by your help, employees of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers experience the joy of witnessing the transformation of these individuals. From darkness to light; dependency to sobriety, those who once had nothing now have everything because they have discovered faith and hope through their new life in Christ.

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Transforming Lives in Modesto, CA

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The following story was contributed by The Salvation Army, Modesto Red Shield Center of Modesto, CA.

The Salvation Army, Modesto Red Shield has been offering services to youth and their families in the community of South Modesto since 1968. Historically, the center has offered a variety of programs that service some of the poorest families in the city of Modesto. Currently, the center services approximately 100+ youth per day. It provides a safe haven for youth to come and feel as if they have a place in which they belong. Many of the youth and families call it their “Disneyland”. Youth are made to feel welcome, loved and encouraged to live up to their full potential at the Red Shield. Sometimes we see change, and sometimes we even see parents transformed as a result of their children.

One example of a life touched and transformed is that of a young girl, who came into the center over 10 years ago. Her name is Destiny.

At the time Destiny was only 7 years old, living with her Grandmother and facing an extreme form of poverty due to forces beyond her control. Her mother was a substance abuser and there was little mention of her father in the picture. Alone and in need of a bath and proper shelter, she walked into the Red Shield seeking food. The Program Director, Terry Humphres went out of her way to provide Destiny with a plate of food and a listening ear. Upon hearing the story of this young girl’s dire situation of homelessness, Terry went out of her way to intervene by getting permission to get the little girl cleaned up, fed and properly clothed. Destiny came back several days later wanting food for both herself and her Grandmother, as they both were living in a trailer home with no electricity or running water. Terry was able to secure food for the entire family as well as other services the family needed.

Terry was eventually able to obtain temporary custody of Destiny for a short period of time. During this time, she was taught some invaluable skills- including how to read her Bible and the importance of prayer. Daily diligent prayer for her mother eventually paid off, as her mom eventually went through a detoxification/rehabilitation program. Shortly after, Destiny’s mom made another pivotal decision that would change the course of her and her daughter’s life. She made a decision to fight for their future. Packing all of their belongings, she, her mother and her daughter decided to move out of state to try and start over in a different environment with better influences. Eventually the mother was able to go to college, earn her degree and is now on the road to helping other families by becoming a Social Worker.

Last week, Destiny placed a call to Terry, expressing her thanks and appreciation for all Terry had done for her over 10 years ago. Destiny was preparing for her high school prom in high spirits, grateful to God for placing someone in her life at a time when she needed help the most.

The Salvation Army, Modesto Red Shield has youth that come in and out of the center on a daily basis who are also dealing with situations of neglect and poverty. Some of these kids have been through the foster care system and are hoping for things to change in their families. Sometimes reaching out to the youth has a way of eventually bringing in the parents who have decided they want to change for their children. We are here to make a difference in whatever way possible.

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Do You Know About The ARC’s?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

You may have seen the Today Show Tag Sale Auction that we promoted over the weekend. Thanks to risky bidders, generous supporters, and big-spenders, The Salvation Army raised almost $10,000 which will help fund The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARC).

Most people don’t think of rehab when they think of Salvation Army. In fact, it’s safe to say that most people only associate red kettles and thrift stores to The Salvation Army. When I talk with folks about the plethora of Salvation Army programs available, listeners are always pleasantly surprised.

They’re amazed to hear that The Salvation Army has been helping those afflicted with drug and alcohol addictions for over 100 years. In fact, The Salvation Army thrift stores exist solely to fund The ARC’s! With 119 locations across the country, the centers provide spiritual, social and emotional assistance, without discrimination, to adults who have lost their ability to cope with life and provide for themselves.

What makes The Salvation Army ARC’s stand out from other rehabilitation centers is that ARC program participants are cured in the only lasting way – through spiritual awakening. They discover a personal relationship with God, a deeper meaning to their existence, and a foundation of values. They leave treatment with a deeper understanding of their fallible nature but also surety and trust in God’s promise of salvation. Participants graduate with an understanding that God is the only true source for lasting change and happiness.

The inspiration behind this blog post came from an ARC success story that was posted on

Addicted to drugs, Justin was given one more chance to turn his life around through treatment. By means of his probation officer, Justin was admitted to The Salvation Army ARC of Jacksonville, Florida. While undergoing treatment and counseling with over 100 other men, he was inspired to be like them – grateful, happy, and full of joy and love for God. Through the positive six-month experience, Justin found his faith. Although his life has been at times tumultuous, he feels that God led him to his current career – Christian Counseling – through all of his life experiences, particularly that of his placement at the ARC. Read Justin’s inspiring full story here.

Your donations and purchases at Salvation Army thrift stores could potentially safe someone’s life. For ways that you can support The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, please visit

Click here to read more success stories from graduates of The Salvation Army ARC’s.

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Denim at a Discount for Donating!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let’s be honest. We all have that one pair of jeans we’ve been holding onto that were either:

a) way too expensive

2) nostalgic or

3) reminiscent of smaller sizes past.

It’s time to upgrade! And now that The Salvation Army has partnered with Stein Mart stores, there’s even more incentive to make the break from that incorrigible pair.

Pass on that denim-love to someone in need!

Stein Mart stores’ annual Denim Trade-In Event begins next week! From September 6-11, you can recycle your old threads in exchange for new denim at a discount. Your old jeans will be donated to your local Salvation Army.

Stein Mart stores offer fashion merchandise, awesome service and presentation at competitive prices. Check out more info on their website or Facebook page!

Your donation supports The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers nationwide. Learn more by Clicking Here.

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