Thank You Crystal Cruises!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well-known luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises donated a whopping 900 items to The Salvation Army of New Jersey this summer! Donated items included furniture and television sets that remained after the renovation of two cruise ships.

A cornerstone of Crystal Cruises’ culture is its genuine hospitality and service that has been internationally celebrated for two decades. This spirit of generosity extends to its respectful treatment of the environment, oceans and communities in which it travels.

And thankfully, that spirit of generosity has flowed directly to The Salvation Army!

The donation was split among several Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores in the Newark, NJ area where the items were quickly sold. While some items were given directly to families in need, others were sold at reasonable prices to those who can’t afford retail. All donations given to The Salvation Army Thrift Stores support our Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide spiritual, social, and emotional assistance for those who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. There are over 100 centers across the country, each offering housing, work, and therapy in a clean, wholesome environment. Program participants receive spiritual and physical care, preparing them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Many of those who have been rehabilitated are reunited with their families and resume normal life.

The Salvation Army is so thankful for the generosity of our donors from all over the world!
For more information on The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, please visit Check out our donation value guide to find out what your donation is worth!

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