A New Beginning

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We wanted to highlight and congratulate the first-year class of the Female Lone Parent Breakthrough Program of Kelowna, British Columbia! Ten single-mothers, many of whom missed their own high school graduation years earlier, walked the graduation carpet at the Kelowna Salvation Army Corps location in early September.

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The brand new Breakthrough program is a year-long mentorship curriculum and support system that counsels and teaches struggling single mothers. Along with strongly encouraged times of reflection, the classroom education covers topics such as communication, boundaries, dating, and conflict management. Perhaps more importantly, Christian principles are intertwined in the lessons and conversations with emphasis on self-worth.

The ultimate goal is to help change the hearts of participants; encouraging them to understand themselves better, to hone their strengths, work on their weaknesses and to develop self-esteem. Upon graduating, two of the mothers reached new employment goals while three participants were fulfilling their dreams of furthering their education.

We’re so happy to see this neat program succeed!

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