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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What do you think of this picture?

You might remember when we blogged about The Salvation Army’s All the World Magazine photo contest back in July. Salvation Army Editor Kevin Sims’ of International Headquarters in London initiated the project in an attempt to find the best depiction of The Salvation Army in a single area of the world.

Of 370 submissions, this photo of members of The Salvation Army in Pakistan won the contest. The twist? Photographer Keri Shay is an American who currently lives in Korea! How’s that for representing the internationality of The Salvation Army? We think that pretty much sums up the organization: an international movement motivated by the love of God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

“We loved the dynamism in the picture, along with the aspect of the unexpected. Take the Army flag away and it could appear to be something completely different”, said Kevin Sims.

Congratulations to Keri, originally of the USA’s Central Territory who, along with freelance photography, currently teaches in Seoul, Korea.

Click here to see the top five photos! These among many other entries will be featured in the October-December issue of All the World.

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Salvation Army Helps Emergency Services and Communities During UK Riots

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Salvation Army is assisting the emergency services, residents and local communities in London and other parts of the country during the aftermath of unrest in London and other parts of the country. Salvation Army emergency mobile response vehicles have been deployed and situated in secure areas.

“We are working closely with Haringey Council to support local residents and businesses as they rebuild their lives and the community after the turmoil of recent days. Salvation Army staff and volunteers are offering practical and emotional support to all who require assistance, including people who have been traumatized, made homeless or suffered other loss as a result of the unrest”, said Major Muriel McClenahan, The Salvation Army’s director of emergency services in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland.

“There are dozens of people bringing donations and leaving in tears at the goodness that is felt. There are many young people here, helping to sort out the donations.”

The Community Assistance Center will help local people with a wide range of issues – from emergency housing for residents whose homes were damaged by the disturbances to advice from a team of social workers. The center will also act as a focal point for the many offers of donations which have been made by both businesses and individuals in the community.

Major McClenahan added, “Where it has been safe to do so, and with the guidance of the London Fire Brigade, Salvation Army emergency relief teams have been providing food, drinks and support to emergency services personnel as they respond to fires and incidents. We are continuing to monitor the situation and are ready to respond as required by the authorities and emergency services”.

Across the country Salvation Army personnel are meeting with community leaders and local authorities to offer support to rebuild shattered communities.

To read the full report from International Headquarters, click here.

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