Kroc Centers:

For Physical & Spiritual Fitness!


We were delighted to hear about Philadelphia native Patricia Imms who lost 130 pounds (and counting) in just one year through regular exercise at her local Salvation Army Kroc Community Center.

In fact, she was one of the first new members to jump into the pool at the center’s opening in late 2010. It’s a good thing she took the plunge. At 400 pounds, she knew it was time to step up her commitment to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

With more than a third of the country suffering from obesity, it’s no surprise that people are turning to their local gyms. And adults aren’t the only ones suffering in this epidemic. According to recent news, our nation’s children are the ones to worry about. Almost 20% of children ages 6 to 11 years are obese.

No matter your age or personal health status, The Salvation Army’s Kroc Community Centers are meeting the needs of their communities by offering solutions for improving all around health at an affordable cost. Each center offers opportunities for better physical fitness through classes, work out equipment, pools and more.

Donor Joan Kroc’s vision didn’t end there. She wanted these centers to also provide spiritual and emotional enrichment through fellowship via church services and learning opportunities; that the welcoming nature of a community center would allow for individuals - who otherwise wouldn't be able - to hear and experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And she wanted these opportunities to be available to anyone who desired to join. That's why memberships are very affordable and scholarships are even available for those who are eligible.

A few of the Kroc Centers are still in the works and will be opening in 2012. We look forward to celebrating the grand opening of Kroc Centers in Chicago, IL; Suison City, CA ; Phoenix, AZ; and Memphis, TN! For ways to join or for more information, click here.

We hope you’ll come get healthy with us – in mind, body and soul!

Check out the video below for more information about these centers!


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